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Can I get Minecraft bedrock for free if I have it on Xbox?

Can I get Minecraft Bedrock for free if I have it on Xbox?

No, unfortunately you cannot get Minecraft Bedrock edition for free on other platforms just because you own it on Xbox. Here‘s a more detailed explanation:

How Minecraft Editions and Versions Work

Minecraft has split into two separate editions – Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Java Edition is the original PC version, while Bedrock Edition is the multi-platform version designed for mobile, console, and Windows 10.

So even though the Xbox One edition is part of the Bedrock codebase, owning Minecraft on Xbox does not grant you automatic access to the Bedrock version on other platforms. Mojang still sells Minecraft as separate paid apps on each platform.

What You Get with Minecraft on Xbox

When you purchase Minecraft on Xbox One, you get access to two versions:

  • Minecraft Xbox One Edition – The legacy console version designed for Xbox One. This is not the Bedrock version.

  • Minecraft – The Bedrock version that allows cross-play with other Bedrock platforms. This version is bundled with the Xbox One purchase.

So in summary, buying Minecraft on Xbox gets you the legacy Xbox One Edition and the Bedrock version for Xbox only. It does not get you Bedrock for free on PC, mobile, or other consoles. You‘d need to buy those versions separately.

How to Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Other Platforms

If you want to play Minecraft Bedrock on other platforms, here are your main options:

Buy it Separately on Each Platform

This is the most straightforward option – simply buy Minecraft again on the platform you want:

  • On PC, buy Minecraft Windows 10 edition from the Microsoft Store app for $26.95. This is the Bedrock version that allows cross-play with Xbox and mobile.

  • On mobile (iOS and Android), download Minecraft from the app store. It costs $6.99 on mobile.

  • On Playstation 4, buy Minecraft for $19.99. The PS4 version is part of the Bedrock ecosystem.

  • On Nintendo Switch, purchase Minecraft for $29.99. Also part of Bedrock.

So unfortunately you‘ll have to pay again to get Bedrock on other devices. But this allows you to play on all platforms while keeping your Xbox progress and purchases through Microsoft account linking.

Link to Existing Microsoft Account

When launching Minecraft Bedrock on other platforms, make sure to log in using the same Microsoft/Xbox Live account you use on your Xbox. This will link your progress and purchases across all versions.

For example, any Minecraft Marketplace content you bought on Xbox will also be accessible when playing on Windows 10 or mobile if logged into the same account.

Redeem Xbox Play Anywhere Entitlement

Some Xbox One digital games support Xbox Play Anywhere – when you buy the digital version on Xbox, you also get access to the Windows 10 version for free.

Unfortunately, Minecraft is not an Xbox Play Anywhere title. Buying it on Xbox does not give you the Windows 10 version. You‘ll need to purchase both.

Try with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate get access to over 100 games on Xbox/PC plus Xbox Live Gold benefits.

Minecraft Bedrock edition is included with Game Pass on Xbox One. And Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can also download and play Minecraft for Windows 10 at no additional cost through the PC Game Pass library.

So with an active Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can access Minecraft Bedrock on both Xbox and PC with no extra purchases needed. But mobile/Switch versions would still need to be bought separately.

Tips for Transferring Minecraft Progress Between Platforms

When moving between Minecraft on different platforms, here are some tips to keep your progress intact:

Microsoft Account Syncing

As mentioned above, logging into your Microsoft/Xbox Live account links your progress between versions. Your worlds, achievements, and most purchases will carry over between platforms.

Make sure to use the same account when launching Minecraft on any new device. On mobile, you‘ll need to be logged into your Microsoft account through the Xbox app.

Sync Worlds with Realms

For the best cross-platform world syncing, subscribe to Minecraft Realms. This allows you to upload a world from one device and seamlessly continue playing it on another platform.

Realms servers also allow for ongoing multiplayer access between all your devices.

Manually Transfer World Files

On Windows 10 and mobile, you can find your Minecraft world saves files and manually transfer them between devices. Just copy the folder over and place it in the saves location on the new platform.

This doesn‘t work for console version that don‘t allow direct file access. But it‘s an option for transferring PC/mobile worlds.

Use External Servers for Cross-Play

If you want to play on the same multiplayer server from different platforms, have the server host use a third-party service like Minecraft Server Hosting, Aternos, or Nitrado.

These providers offer 24/7 online servers accessible across all Bedrock versions. So you can build the same world on a shared server from any platform.

Utilize Cross-Platform Chat Apps

To coordinate with friends while playing Minecraft cross-platform, use secondary chat apps that work across PC and mobile:

  • Discord – Connect with gaming friends on the same Discord server for voice/text.

  • Skype – Allows voice calls and messaging between most platforms.

  • WhatsApp – Great for messaging and sharing world screenshots.

This allows seamless communication even when playing from different devices.

Is Cross-Platform Progression the Future?

Minecraft fans have long requested that progress and purchases carry over between platforms more seamlessly. And Microsoft has confirmed they are working toward this goal.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has stated that Minecraft is on the roadmap for enabling unified access and progression across devices without re-buying. But technically complex.

Full cross-progession would be an amazing quality of life change for the massive Minecraft player base spread across so many platforms.

Industry analysts speculate that Microsoft is working toward an "account-based" model rather than "device-based" purchases. This unified access is already seen in apps like Netflix or Spotify.

However, experts say significant backend and account changes will still be required make this happen for Minecraft. So expect it to take considerable development time.

But with Microsoft‘s renewed investment into the Minecraft franchise, unified progression is likely just a matter of time. The company clearly understands the importance of smooth cross-play to fans.

And the ability to take your saved worlds, skins, preferences and purchases anywhere would take the Minecraft experience to new heights.