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Can I Get Oblivion for Free?

Hi there! I know you‘re eager to start playing the epic open-world RPG Oblivion, but you‘re wondering if there‘s a way to get it for free. As a gaming and tech expert, let me provide some helpful insights.

The Short Answer

Unfortunately Oblivion is not available for free legally. It is still under copyright protection and being actively sold on platforms like Steam and GOG. However, there are a few legitimate ways you may be able to get Oblivion at no cost or at a big discount if you‘re willing to be patient.

Explore Legitimate Free or Cheap Options

Here are some methods you can use to obtain Oblivion legally for free or very cheap:

1. Buy a Physical Disc and Resell It

One approach is to buy a used physical copy of Oblivion for a console like Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for cheap – you can often find it for under $10 on eBay. Install and play it, then re-sell it on eBay when you‘re done to get most of your money back. This lets you play for just the cost of shipping.

2. Rent the Game

Many local libraries allow you to rent out console games for free. You can also find game rental services like GameFly that offer free trial periods. This gives you 1-2 weeks to complete Oblivion.

3. Wait for a Free Promotional Period

Oblivion still goes on sale fairly frequently on digital platforms. Wait for a holiday or anniversary event – it‘s quite common to see older games made free for a week or weekend to build buzz. Just add it to your wishlist and watch for a promotion.

4. Use Referral Discounts and Coupons

When buying Oblivion on platforms like Steam, GOG, or the Xbox Marketplace, always be sure to check for any available coupons or discounts. Referring friends can also give you credit to offset the cost.

5. Trade Reward Points

On Xbox, you can convert Microsoft Reward points earned from Bing searches into Xbox store credit. Sony and Nintendo also have loyalty programs that let you trade accumulated points for money off games.

6. Ask For It as a Gift

As a last resort, you can always ask for Oblivion as a birthday or holiday gift from friends or family members who want to get you something you‘ll really enjoy.

Is it Worth the Time Investment?

I know the prospect of getting a AAA game like Oblivion for free can be tempting, but also consider if it‘s worth investing effort compared to just buying it conveniently.

Here‘s a quick cost-benefit analysis:

  • Oblivion currently costs $15-20 on many digital platforms
  • The game provides over 60 hours of content for most players
  • That comes out to just 25-30 cents per hour of entertainment
  • It would take 5-10 hours minimum to obtain Oblivion for free using the methods described
  • Your time might be better spent just buying the game to start enjoying it sooner

The small one-time cost brings Oblivion‘s massive world immediately to your fingertips. But if money is very tight, then pursuing a free option makes sense.

Unethical Ways to Get Oblivion for Free

For completeness, I should also mention a couple unethical options you could pursue, but that I strongly advise against:

1. Downloading from an Illegal Torrent or Site

You can find pirated copies of Oblivion on various torrent sites and shady game download portals. But illegal downloading robs the hard working developers at Bethesda of compensation for their efforts. It also risks malware exposure.

2. Using a Game Crack

Game cracking tools exist that can generate license keys to unlock Oblivion without paying. But using these ‘keygen‘ programs is cracking – still piracy that cheats developers from getting paid.

The Ethical Choice

I know you‘re excited to dive into exploring Cyrodiil, uncovering quests, and shaping your character. While getting such an acclaimed RPG free or cheap sounds great, the short time investment to buy Oblivion through legitimate channels is worthwhile.

The small price helps support Bethesda to keep creating awesome new worlds and experiences. I hope these tips help you secure Oblivion fairly soon so you can start adventuring! Let me know if you have any other questions.