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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Minecraft for Free on PS4

Unfortunately, you cannot play Minecraft on your PC if you only purchased it on PS4. Licenses are not transferable between platforms. You‘ll need to buy Minecraft again for PC. But don‘t worry – this guide will cover all your options for getting Minecraft at no cost on PS4!

Minecraft‘s Licensing Restrictions

Let‘s start by understanding Minecraft licenses. When you buy Minecraft, whether on PC, PS4, Xbox or other platforms, that license strictly works only on that specific platform. It cannot be transferred anywhere else.

This is because each version of Minecraft is coded uniquely for each platform. Minecraft on PC uses Java, PS4 uses C++, Xbox uses C#, etc. The codebases are different and incompatible.

So if you bought Minecraft on Xbox, you can‘t take that license to suddenly play on PS4. You have to re-purchase Minecraft on each new platform you want access to. This understandably frustrates many players!

By the Numbers: Minecraft Sales Figures

To give an idea of how many re-purchases this requires, take a look at some Minecraft sales statistics:

  • Over 200 million copies sold across all platforms as of 2020
  • Around 140 million monthly active users worldwide
  • Available on 15+ different device types

With so many platforms and active players, a huge number of re-purchases happen. At around $20-30 per copy, this really adds up for gamers!

Why Are Licenses Platform-Locked?

Mojang has said this licensing restriction enables them to tailor each Minecraft edition to specific platforms. But it certainly maximizes their sales too. Players have little choice – if they want Minecraft on a new device, they have to buy it again.

Getting Minecraft Free on PS4

Okay, enough bad news. Let‘s dive into all the options for getting Minecraft on PS4 without paying full price again.

Try the Minecraft Demo on PC

While you can‘t transfer your main Minecraft license between devices, there are still ways to play for free!

On PC, head to and look for the "Demo" download. This gives you a 100 minute trial to experience Minecraft. You can access all key features and gameplay.

Of course it‘s limited to a set world seed and time limit. But it lets you try before you buy! Give the demo a spin while saving up for the full PS4 version.

Find Giveaways and Contests

Now and then various gaming sites or channels provide Minecraft as a giveaway prize. Keep an eye out for these contests and sweepstakes!

For example, popular streamers like Dream have given away Minecraft gift codes during livestreams. Follow gaming news to stay on top of any free offers.

Buy Used Physical Copies

One good option is buying a used physical disc copy of Minecraft for PS4. Discs can be found affordably on sites like eBay.

When you insert a used PS4 Minecraft disc, it transfers that license over to your PSN account. This lets you obtain a legitimate copy at a big discount over new!

The only catch is you may need the original owner‘s Xbox login if you want to access online multiplayer or DLC content they purchased. So check before buying used.

Cross-Platform Play with Minecraft Realms

Realms are Mojang‘s subscription servers that enable cross-platform play between versions. By linking your PS4 and PC to the same Realm, you can access your world on both.

However, this still requires initially buying Minecraft separately on each platform. Realms just removes the need for multiple server subscriptions.

But partnering with a friend who already has Realms can let you play for free. Have them invite your PS4 account to their existing Realm.

Try Alternative Building Games

If you‘re unable to get Minecraft on PS4 right now, check out some similar building games available for free or cheap:

  • Dragon Quest Builders
  • Terraria
  • Roblox
  • Portal Knights
  • Lego Worlds

These all provide vibrant block worlds and creative freedom. While not quite Minecraft, they can satisfy the building itch in the meantime.

Ask for Minecraft as a Gift

Requesting Minecraft as a birthday or holiday gift can be a great way to obtain it for free. Let friends or family know you want the PS4 edition.

Gift cards are another good option. This provides the funds to purchase Minecraft yourself without spending your own money.

Should You Risk Piracy?

Some players turn to piracy to get Minecraft for free – whether it‘s hacked clients, cracked launchers, or pirated copies. I strongly advise against this.

Playing pirated games is not only illegal but comes with all sorts of risks like malware, account theft, and bans. It‘s just not worth it when there are legitimate options available.

Purchase Minecraft for Unrestricted Access

Despite the annoyance of re-buying Minecraft, purchasing an official copy is still the best long-term option. This gives you unfettered access to all Minecraft features with no shady workarounds.

Trying to find free loopholes often involves accepting limitations, risks, or extra complexity. The legitimate purchase route sidesteps these pitfalls.

As a bonus, official copies allow joining premium servers and getting customer support. You have full ownership over your game and account.

For the optimal, unrestricted experience, save up for an official Mojang-sold copy. But in the meantime, try out the free trial options covered in this guide. Happy building!