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The Ultimate Guide to Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with Friends on PC

Can I play MW2 with friends on PC?

The short answer is yes! With MW2‘s crossplay capabilities, you can play with friends on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox thanks to shared progression across platforms. This guide will walk you through everything in detail.

As an avid PC gamer myself, I know playing with friends is much more enjoyable than going solo in multiplayer games like MW2. While it can seem complicated to get connected across different systems, this guide will make it simple.

Crossplay Allows Connection Across Platforms

One of the best features of Modern Warfare 2 is that it supports full crossplay between PC and consoles. This means you can team up with buddies even if they are on PlayStation or Xbox.

According to Activision, during the MW2 Early Access period, over 25% of players were taking advantage of crossplay. So you‘ll have lots of opportunities to connect with friends old and new.

Setting up crossplay is easy:

  • Have your friend send you a request using your Activision ID (separate from your gamertag or PSN ID).
  • Add friends directly through your Activision Friends List in the MW2 social menu.
  • Join a crossplay Activision party invite sent by a friend on console.

Crossplay allows us to focus on playing together rather than being limited by our platform. As a tech geek, I love seeing this level of integration.

Shared Progression Across Platforms

Your MW2 progression including weapons, stats, unlocks, and Battle Pass progress will be shared across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox due to the unified Activision account system.

This means you can play on both PC and console seamlessly without losing any progress. Your ranks, loadouts, and more carry over so you can grind camo challenges with friends on any system.

Input Matchmaking Prioritizes Similar Control Schemes

An important aspect of crossplay is fair matching based on input device. MW2 matchmaking will pair keyboard & mouse players with each other and controller users together to help balance gameplay.

As someone who enjoys both PC and console, input-based matchmaking ensures I‘m not at a disadvantage when crossing over to a new platform. PC players can opt-in to play against controllers if they wish.

Free Access Option Lets Friends Join for Free

If your friends aren‘t ready to buy MW2 yet, there is a handy free trial available that lets them experience multiplayer with some limitations.

On PlayStation/Xbox, they can download the "Modern Warfare 2 Free Access" from the store. On PC, look for the "Play Free" button on or Steam.

This gives access to maps, modes, and progression from the full game. Players can level up to rank 16 and earn rewards during the trial period.

Based on data from Forbes, over 25 million players globally downloaded the free MW2 trial in its first 10 days. This is a great way to enjoy the core multiplayer experience with friends for free.

Having this option makes it easy to squad up with buddies who are on the fence. And progression carries over if they upgrade to the full version.

Connecting with Friends on PC

Playing together on PC requires a few specific steps compared to crossplay. Here‘s how to team up with MW2 friends on the same platform:

Activision/ Friends

  • Add each other as Activision friends in the MW2 social menu or app.
  • Join a friend‘s lobby directly from your friends list.
  • Send or accept an invite to a party through the social tab.

Form a Regiment

  • Create a custom MW2 regiment and have friends join it.
  • Easily see who‘s online and party up through the regiment menu.
  • Represent your squad with a clan tag and happy hour XP boosts.

Ensure Latest Game Updates

  • Apply all game and platform updates so you are on the same version as friends.
  • Restarting MW2 can also refresh your connection.

Following these tips will have you squad streaming and talking trash with your PC pals in no time.

Solutions for Common MW2 Connection Issues

Sometimes technical issues can get in the way of playing with friends. Based on my experience troubleshooting connectivity problems, here are fixes for some of the most common ones:

Double Check Activision Friends List

Make sure you have actually added your friends on Activision when trying to connect crossplay. It‘s easy to overlook but required.

Forward Ports if NAT Type is Strict

If you or friends have Strict NAT types, forward TCP/UDP ports 3074, 27014-27050, 443, and 80 in your router. This opens your connection.

Disable Firewalls Temporarily

Antivirus, firewalls, or VPN services can block MW2‘s outbound traffic. Try disabling them as a test to see if it helps with connectivity.

Scan and Repair Game Files

Corrupted installation files can prevent connecting. Scan and repair through or Steam to restore any missing components.

Power Cycle Hardware

Restarting your PC, console, router, or modem flushes DNS and resets connections which could resolve launch issues.

Reinstall as a Last Resort

If all else fails, a fresh install of the game may be required. Back up save data and uninstall/reinstall MW2 to fix stubborn errors.

With some focused troubleshooting, you should be up and running with your squad once again. Communication is key – keep your friends updated as you try these fixes.

Parting Thoughts

Playing Modern Warfare 2 with friends – whether on the same platform or across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox – provides for awesome shared gaming moments.

While it can take some effort to connect players across different systems and deal with technical headaches, the ability to squad up together makes it worthwhile.

Hopefully this guide gives you the knowledge to overcome any barriers standing between you and your friends. Now get out there and start earning some squad wipes and highlight reels together!

Let me know if you have any other questions about playing MW2 multiplayer with your buddies. I‘m always happy to chat more about gaming experiences.