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Can I Play Skate on PS5? The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! I know as a fellow skateboarding game enthusiast you‘ve been wondering if those classic Skate titles can be played on the new PlayStation 5. Well after digging into the details, I have all the answers for you in this comprehensive guide.

The short answer is: Sort of, but not natively on PS5…yet! Keep reading and I‘ll explain the full scoop so you can get your Skate fix on modern platforms.

Background – The Evolution of Skate

Let‘s start with some history. The iconic Skate series began in 2007 with Skate on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This first entry pioneered a new dual-stick, "flick it" control scheme that mimicked realistic skate tricks through analog stick gestures. Skate 2 arrived in 2009 on the same platforms, improving upon the first game‘s formula. Skate 3 then landed in 2010 as the third entry in the series, adding features like a skatepark builder.

According to review aggregate site Metacritic, here‘s how each installment stacks up:

  • Skate (2007) – PS3 version scored an 84% average rating
  • Skate 2 (2009) – PS3 version scored an 80% average rating
  • Skate 3 (2010) – PS3 version scored an 83% average rating

As you can see, critics praised these games for their commitment to simulating authentic skateboarding physics and gameplay. Fans agree, as many still consider these to be the best skating titles ever made!

Can You Play Skate 1-3 on PS5?

Now onto the big question: can you play the original Skate trilogy on a PS5? Sadly, the answer is no. Those games were made exclusively for PS3 and Xbox 360. And PS5 isn‘t backwards compatible with PS3 discs or digital purchases.

Believe me, I also wish we could easily experience those classics on modern hardware! Unfortunately, Sony decided not to include PS3 backwards compatibility in the PS5. They focused on supporting PS4 games instead, which use a similar x86 system architecture that‘s easier to emulate.

The PS3‘s Cell processor was extremely complicated to develop for. Adding software-level PS3 backwards compatibility on PS5 would take a ton of effort according to experts like Digital Foundry‘s Richard Leadbetter. He speculated Sony would rather devote resources toward next-gen experiences.

But don‘t fret – while you can‘t directly play Skate 1-3 on PS5, there are a few alternative options:

  • Stream them on PlayStation Now – Sony‘s subscription service lets you stream select PS2, PS3, and PS4 games, including early Tony Hawk classics!
  • Use Xbox backwards compatibility – Skate 3 is playable on Xbox One and Series X/S thanks to Microsoft‘s backwards compatibility program.
  • Emulate them on PC – Software like RPCS3 can emulate Skate 1-3 on your PC if it‘s powerful enough.

These methods allow you to revisit the Skate trilogy, even if you can‘t pop those old discs directly into your PS5 yet. Fingers crossed Sony enables native PS3 support down the road!

Skate 4 is Coming to PS5!

Let‘s shift gears to the future. At long last, Skate 4 is in development by the newly formed Full Circle studio! Even more exciting, it‘s been confirmed Skate 4 will launch on PS5 in addition to PS4, Xbox consoles, and PC.

Based on the announcements, we can expect these key features when Skate 4 kicks and pushes its way onto PS5:

  • Cross-play support – You‘ll be able play with friends on other platforms.
  • Cross-progression – Your skater profile and unlocks carry across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.
  • Free-to-Play – Skate 4 follows a free-to-play model rather than a full priced release.
  • Mobile version – A mobile edition is also in the works by Full Circle.

Being built for modern hardware means we can look forward to buttery smooth performance and gorgeous graphics at 60 FPS or higher. The PS5‘s ultra-fast SSD will eliminate long load times between sessions too. And just imagine how the advanced DualSense haptics will translate all those bone-crunching bails and buttery landings!

While we don‘t have a firm release date yet, hopefully we‘ll be carving up next-gen skateparks in Skate 4 before the end of 2023 based on the development timeline. The free-to-play model means we‘ll have instant access to the core game for free as well.

Skater XL – A Skate Fix on PS5 Now

With Skate 4 still baking in the oven, Skater XL is currently serving up the most realistic skate simulation on PlayStation 5 right now. The core "flick-it" controls will feel familiar to Skate fans, making it a smooth transition.

Skater XL is considered the definitve skateboarding sim on consoles presently. Here‘s an overview of the key specs:

  • Photo-scanned skate spots – Skate replica locations like downtown LA and Easy Day High School.
  • Gear customization – Authentic brands like Vans, DC, and Independent.
  • PlayStation 4 & PS5 native versions – Supports 4K/60FPS on PS5.
  • DLC Add-ons – New skaters, locations, and gear available.
  • Mod support on PC – Custom maps and skaters.

The base game offers a solid foundation on PlayStation, while mods expand possibilities exponentially on PC. However, the PS4 & PS5 editions are still receiving updates too, like new official maps. So Skater XL definitely scratches that sim skating itch while anticipating the return of Skate.

Tony Hawk‘s Pro Skater 1+2 Reigns Supreme on PS5

Vicarious Visions nailed the remaster formula with Tony Hawk‘s Pro Skater 1+2, blending smooth modern gameplay with delcious nuggets of nostalgia. All the original pro skaters, levels, tricks, modes and even songs return in one gnarly PS5 package.

Throwing down combos has never felt better at silky smooth 4K/60FPS. The DualSense controller‘s advanced haptics even amplify every grind, lip, and impact. Here‘s an overview of whatTHONY HAWK‘S PRO SKATER 1+2 on PS5 delivers:

  • Native 4K/60FPS – Buttery smooth tricks and gameplay.
  • Rebuilt levels – Classic THPS maps modernized.
  • Recreated tricks – Iconic movesets for each pro skater.
  • Killer soundtrack – All the classic THPS tunes.
  • DualSense support – Next-gen vibration and triggers.
  • Online multiplayer – Compete and share skate vids.

Reliving these pioneering PS1 classics with a fresh coat of paint on PS5 is a blast. The addictive combo system and over-the-top tricks hold up tremendously. Soak in the nostalgia while pulling off new lines and setting high scores.

Session Carves Out a Niche on PS5

Session is a relatively new kid on the console block, having lived on Xbox and PC in Early Access for a few years. The PlayStation version arrived in September 2022, delivering an authentic skate sim experience.

The standout feature is the True Stance Stick control scheme. Each foot is mapped to one analog stick, so you control your feet independently. This allows for organic maneuvers and subtle shifts in weight over the board.

Let‘s break down the key elements that set Session apart:

  • True Stance Stick controls – Unique dual foot control system.
  • Physics-driven gameplay – Sessions‘ skating aims to mimic real life.
  • Gritty visual style – Grungy aesthetic for streets and skaters.
  • PlayStation version new for 2022 – Still expanding with more content.
  • Based on community feedback – Developed collaboratively with players.

It may not have the polish or brand recognition of Skater XL yet, but Session carves out its own niche for diehard sim fans. And now PlayStation players can enjoy this previously Xbox/PC exclusive title and watch it evolve.

The Bottom Line

While you can‘t currently play the iconic Skate trilogy on PS5 directly, there are ways to experience them on modern platforms until Skate 4 arrives. And Skate 4 will fully support PS5 with cross-play and other next-gen features when it launches.

In the meantime, graphsically enhanced remasters like Tony Hawk 1+2 and realistic simulations like Skater XL offer great alternatives for your skating fix. And I‘ll be right there carving digital streets with you, counting down the days until we can step on our boards in Skate 4!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat skating games and share the knowledge. Keep those wheels rolling and sticks flicking.