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Playing WoW Without Buying Dragonflight – The Ultimate Guide

The short answer is yes! While the new Dragonflight expansion offers tons of exciting new content, you can absolutely continue to enjoy World of Warcraft without purchasing it. As a long-time WoW player and gaming enthusiast, I‘ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to maximize your experience as a free player when the new expansion launches.

What is Dragonflight?

First, let‘s quickly recap what‘s included in the new Dragonflight expansion:

  • New continent – the Dragon Isles with four new zones
  • Increased level cap from 60 to 70
  • New playable Dracthyr Evokers race/class
  • Dragonriding aerial movement system
  • Overhauls to professions and talent trees
  • New dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds

Obviously most of these features require purchasing the expansion. But there‘s still an enormous amount of content to enjoy for free!

What Can You Access Without Buying Dragonflight?

Here‘s a detailed overview of all the endgame systems and content that remain fully playable with just a standard WoW subscription:

Shadowlands Zones and Campaigns

The four Shadowlands zones – Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and Revendreth – are still great for questing, rare hunting, and exploration. You can also complete the entire Shadowlands campaign and covenant storylines, which provide hours of additional lore and quest content.

Dungeons and Raids

All dungeons and raids from Shadowlands and previous expansions remain accessible, from Mythic+ keystones to Normal/Heroic/Mythic raid difficulties. This includes:

  • 8 Shadowlands dungeons
  • 4 Shadowlands raids – Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, Sepulcher of the First Ones, and new seasonal raid rotation
  • Hundreds of dungeons and raids from past expansions, all easily soloable for transmog, achievements, and mount farming

This amounts to practically endless PvE replayability and progression!

Player vs. Player Content

All forms of PvP content remain fully open as well:

  • Arenas – 2v2, 3v3, Rated Battlegrounds
  • Battlegrounds – Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, etc.
  • World PvP – Objectives in Korthia, rare elites, etc.

PvP provides competitive gameplay and rewards like elite transmogs, vicious mounts, and prestige achievements.

Endgame Systems

Other key endgame systems fully functional without Dragonflight:

  • Covenants – Soulbinds, conduits, covenant campaigns
  • The Maw and Korthia – Dailies, rares, reputation grinds
  • Torghast – Legendary crafting and Twisting Corridors
  • World Quests – Callings, bonus events, farming anima

Plus you still benefit from the revamped talent trees introduced in the Dragonflight pre-patch!


Collecting mounts, pets, achievements, transmogs, and titles remains hugely rewarding:

  • Mounts – 393 obtainable currently, with tons of farming options
  • Pets – 1,136 battle pets to collect and level
  • Achievements – 3,392 total achievements worth achievements points
  • Transmogs – Vast arrays of armor and weapon appearances
  • Titles – 273 account-wide titles from achievements

With so many collectibles to obtain, completionist players will be busy for years without any new content required!

Leveling Without Dragonflight

Since Dragonflight increases the level cap to 70, you‘ll be limited to the previous cap of 60. However, there are still great options for leveling alts:

  • Finish Shadowlands zone campaigns – Replayability with 4 covenants
  • Threads of Fate – More open-ended max level option
  • Chromie Time – Level through any past expansion scaling from 10-60

Based on data sites like DataForAzeroth, the most popular leveling paths are:

  • Chromie Time Cataclysm – Fast dungeon spamming
  • Chromie Time Pandaria – Beautiful zones and storylines
  • Threads of Fate – Grindable endgame option

I‘d advise newer players to pick an expansion with nostalgia value and follow the full questing experience. Veterans can power level efficiently through dungeons via Chromie Time or Threads of Fate.

Endgame Progression as a Free Player

While you‘ll miss out on the bleeding edge race to Mythic raids and 20+ keys, there‘s still plenty of endgame progression accessible:

Mythic+ Dungeons

Mythic+ dungeons offer an alternate gearing and challenge path beyond raiding, with lucrative rewards:

  • Achieve higher keystones each season, scaling in difficulty
  • Unique Mythic+ only affixes and dungeon mechanics
  • Special rewards like mounts, titles, and Feats of Strength for high keys

Mythic+ is a rewarding way to experience difficult PvE content without committing to an organized raiding schedule. Expect to comfortably reach 10-15 key levels without hitting major gear walls.

Rated PvP

If you enjoy competitive PvP, you can earn elite transmogs and vicious mounts through the ranked system:

  • Weekly Conquest cap from Rated Arena, RBG, and unrated PvP
  • Rating-gated transmog rewards like Corrupted Gladiator sets
  • Prestigious elite titles from reaching high ratings like Duelist or Rival

Hardcore PvPers may hit roadblocks above 1800 rating, but more casual players can steadily accumulate rewards each season.


All existing Shadowlands reputations are grindable for recipes, enchantments, mounts, and other rewards:

  • Enlightened Brokers – Anima cell and portal maker recipes
  • Ascended – 279 ilvl Unity legendary belt
  • Archivists‘ Codex – Cataloged Research transmog ensembles

Reputations offer long-term incremental progression outside of gearing.

The Pros and Cons of Skipping Dragonflight

Before committing to forgoing the expansion, consider these key pros and cons:


  • Save $50 by not buying the expansion and play for free
  • No pressure to rush through new content and systems
  • Focus on existing achievements, collections, and backlog
  • Avoid a possibly unstable launch and return later


  • Locked out of new zones, storylines, races, and features
  • Behind the gear curve in current Mythic+ and raid seasons
  • Less active social environment and groups
  • Potential burnout replaying repetitive Shadowlands content

For budget-conscious players who play more casually, the pros likely outweigh the cons. But for many hardcore progression raiders and Mythic+ pushers, the cons make playing without the expansion very challenging.

Maximizing Your Free WoW Experience

Here are my top tips for staying engaged with WoW without paying for Dragonflight:

  • Find a casual, social guild – Having friends to play with makes all content more rewarding
  • Set personal goals – Collect 300 mounts, hit 2k rating in PvP, etc.
  • Roleplay or create your own storylines and events
  • Pursue achievements and completist collects at your pace
  • Run sales and boosts as gold income to buy tokens
  • Wait for content droughts to return and unlock flying/catchup gear

Staying motivated and goal oriented as a free player takes some creativity. But embracing the journey over efficiency helps keep Azeroth magical even without the newest content.

Wrap Up

Hopefully this guide has demonstrated that you can absolutely enjoy World of Warcraft without purchasing the Dragonflight expansion. While you‘ll miss out on some cutting edge content, there are still countless hours of gameplay and achievements accessible to free players.

Focus on your personal goals, lay back progression, forming social connections, and experiencing all the art and lore that WoW has to offer. Dragonflight isn‘t going anywhere – you can always pick it up down the road once more content unlocks.

For now, ignore the hype and enjoy World of Warcraft on your own terms – even without spending a dime. This is still the World of Warcraft we all fell in love with, after all.