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Can I try Elder Scrolls Online for free?

Yes, you can try Elder Scrolls Online for free! Elder Scrolls Online offers a generous free trial that lets you play through a huge amount of content before deciding if you want to purchase the full game.

What‘s Included in The Elder Scrolls Online Free Trial

The Elder Scrolls Online free trial gives you access to a ton of content:

  • The base game with no restrictions – explore the entire massive world of Tamriel with no limits
  • Hundreds of hours of story content – complete the main questlines and alliance story arcs
  • Play as any race and class – test out all the different character options to find your favorite
  • Battlegrounds PVP mode – fight other players in intense 4v4v4 matches
  • No time limits – take as long as you want to explore the game

You can play through hundreds of hours of adventures, quests, dungeons, and more with zero restrictions during the free trial. It‘s extremely generous compared to most other MMO trials.

How Long Does The ESO Free Trial Last?

The Elder Scrolls Online free trial gives you unlimited access to the base game for up to 72 hours played.

After you log 72 hours / 3 days of game time, you won‘t be able to continue on the free trial. But your progress will be saved, so if you decide to purchase the full game later, you can pick up right where you left off.

72 hours is more than enough time to explore a huge amount of content and get a feel for whether you enjoy the game. It‘s very unlikely you‘ll run out of things to do before hitting the time limit.

What Content Is Included in The ESO Free Trial?

Here are some of the specific things you can experience during the ESO free trial:

  • The Main Quest – Save Tamriel from ancient evils like Molag Bal
  • Your Alliance Storyline – Fight for your faction in the Three Banners War
  • Hundreds of Side Quests – Take on challenges for the people of Tamriel
  • Delves – Battle monsters and discover lost treasure in solo mini-dungeons
  • Public Dungeons – Coop dungeon crawling experiences
  • Crafting and Progression – Level up and craft powerful gear
  • Player Housing – Get your own home and decorate it
  • Battlegrounds PVP – Tactical team-based multiplayer arena battles
  • And much more – Just a tiny sample of the vast world to explore
  • As you can see, the free trial gives you access to a huge variety of both PVE and PVP content. You‘ll get to experience most of what the full game offers.

    What Restrictions Are There?

    The ESO free trial does have a few minor restrictions:

  • No Trial Chat – Can‘t chat in the dedicated trial chat channel
  • Limited Social – Can‘t send mails or trade with other players
  • No Pledge Dungeons – Can‘t queue for max level dungeon pledges
  • No PVP Campaigns – Only Battlegrounds PVP available
  • Max Level 50 – Can‘t gain Veteran Ranks yet
  • However, none of these will significantly impact your ability to enjoy all the story content, group dungeons, battlegrounds, and exploration the game has to offer. The trial gives you the true Elder Scrolls experience.

    What Happens When The Free Trial Ends?

    Once your 72 hours are up, you won‘t be able to log in to the trial account anymore. But don‘t worry, your character and progress are not deleted.

    If you choose to purchase ESO after the trial, you‘ll have the option to convert your trial account to a paid account. You‘ll then be able to log back in with your same character and you‘ll still have everything you obtained during the trial.

    You can also create new characters once you purchase the game. The trial restrictions will be fully lifted.

    Can I Pre-Purchase ESO Before My Trial Ends?

    Yes, you can pre-purchase ESO at any time during the free trial if you decide you want to play the full game. All the same content and features will still be available to enjoy for the remainder of your trial time.

    When your 72 hours are up, your account will automatically convert to a full paid account. You‘ll keep your characters and progress and can now continue playing past the trial limits.

    It‘s seamless to pre-purchase while on the free trial.

    What‘s the Best Way to Pre-Purchase ESO?

    The best way to get ESO after enjoying the free trial is to pre-purchase directly from the Elder Scrolls Online website. This gives you a few advantages:

    • Official site is guaranteed to have the full game and all editions
    • Instant delivery of full game key after purchase
    • Option to link your existing trial account for instant upgrade
    • Often discounted compared to other sites
    • No shady key resellers; directly supports the game developers

    You can choose between the Standard Edition or Upgrade Editions like Blackwood Collection. I recommend the Blackwood Collection as the best value since it includes the most content.

    But you can always upgrade your edition later if you want more DLCs and Chapters. No need to decide now.

    What If I Don‘t Pre-Purchase Before My Trial Ends?

    If your free trial ends and you haven‘t pre-purchased the game yet, don‘t worry! You can still purchase ESO at any time later on to gain full access.

    Your trial characters and progress will be waiting for you when you finally register the full game. Just log into your existing account after redeeming a copy of ESO.

    So feel free to take your time and enjoy the free trial at your own pace. You can decide to upgrade later with no penalties or downsides.

    Can I Try ESO on Consoles for Free?

    Yes! ESO‘s generous free trial is also available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. You‘ll get full access to the base game for 72 hours.

    Just search for "The Elder Scrolls Online" in the Xbox or PlayStation Stores and download the Free Trial version. No PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold required.

    The content and features of the console trial mirrors the PC version. You‘ll get the same unlimited access to explore Tamriel.

    Does ESO Have Any Other Free Options?

    If you want to try ESO risk-free but don‘t want to limit yourself to 72 hours, there are some other free options:

  • Free ESO Weekends – Occasional free login weekends open to all players
  • ESO Plus Trials – 7 day trials of the ESO Plus optional subscription
  • Giveaways – Follow ESO social media for giveaways like free pet codes
  • The free trial remains the best way to fully experience ESO. But keep an eye out for those other free promos.

    Can I Try ESO on Mac for Free?

    Absolutely! The ESO free trial is fully supported on Mac.

    Just visit and download the Mac client. Install it and login using your free trial account.

    The Mac version offers the same unlimited access to all the trial‘s content for 72 hours. Give ESO a try on your Mac today!

    Ready for Your Next Adventure in Tamriel?

    Hopefully this answered all your questions about whether you can try Elder Scrolls Online for free. The generous trial gives you days of unlimited gameplay.

    Download ESO, create your character, and start exploring the vast world of Tamriel today! Battle enemies, uncover secrets, and discover your true destiny on this epic journey.

    If you decide to upgrade to the full experience after the trial, pre-purchase directly from the ESO site for best value. But there‘s no rush – take your time to enjoy everything this award-winning MMO has to offer.

    Now get ready to embark on your next thrilling adventure in Tamriel. Glory and destiny await!