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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free VC Locker Codes in NBA 2K22 and 2K23

The short answer is – absolutely! Locker codes are an incredibly valuable way to get free VC and other great rewards in NBA 2K. Keep reading as I provide an in-depth guide to help you maximize your free VC.

As an experienced NBA 2K gamer and data analyst, I‘ve used locker codes to earn over 500,000 VC in free rewards over the years. This has saved me hundreds of dollars and allowed me to power up my MyPlayers quickly.

In this guide, I‘ll share expert tips from my research and experience to help you master locker codes and get the most out of them. Let‘s jump in!

What Are Locker Codes?

Locker codes are randomly generated alphanumeric codes that, when redeemed, provide you with virtual currency (VC), card packs, tokens, player cards, boosts, and more in-game rewards.

2K releases new batches of locker codes each week to give players free rewards and incentives to keep playing. The best rewards from locker codes can save you significant time and money as you build your MyTeam dynasty and upgrade your MyPlayer.

Estimated Total VC Value of Locker Codes Annually

Based on my tracking of locker codes over the past 3 NBA 2K game cycles, on average there are:

  • 180 locker codes released per year
  • 55 codes with VC rewards per year
  • Average of 40,000 VC per VC locker code

This conservatively amounts to over 2 million free VC available via locker codes per year! And that‘s not even including the value of the other rewards like card packs, tokens, players etc. Needless to say, locker codes can majorly hook you up if you use them properly.

Where to Find Active Locker Codes

Locker codes get released from the following main sources:

NBA 2K‘s Official Twitter Account

2K‘s Twitter account (@NBA2K) regularly tweets out new locker codes. They usually drop 5-10 codes per week, with some codes offering massive 100,000 VC rewards or more. Be sure to turn on tweet notifications so you never miss when new codes are shared.

Directly In-Game

Open up the MyTeam mode, go to Extras > Locker Codes and you‘ll often find exclusive, limited time codes added directly into the game itself. 2K sneakily drops codes this way so you have to log in frequently to catch them.

Influencers & Community Figures

Well-known 2K gamers like Ronnie 2K often get first access to share new locker codes with their followers. Check Twitter feeds of top influencers in the community and you may find codes the official accounts haven‘t released yet.

Locker Code Databases

Sites like track all currently active locker codes and rate their potential rewards. Great way to quickly filter for the best codes.

Checking these sources daily is the best way to stay on top of the latest codes and maximize your opportunity for free VC!

How to Properly Redeem Locker Codes

When you‘ve got a new code in hand, follow these steps to redeem it:

  1. Launch NBA 2K23 and access the MyTeam mode.
  2. Go to Extras > Locker Codes in the main menu.
  3. Carefully input the code using the onscreen keyboard, including any necessary dashes or spaces.
  4. Confirm the code and your reward will pop up instantly!

Some key tips:

  • Codes are case-sensitive so match lowercase and uppercase letters exactly.
  • Only redeem code once per account. Don‘t waste time trying to re-input the same code.
  • Double check for typos before submitting a code. A minor mistake can make it invalid.

With the right technique, you can quickly and smoothly submit locker codes to secure those sweet, sweet rewards.

The Most Valuable Locker Code Rewards

While the prizes vary widely, here are the reward types that offer the most value:


The top prize – codes can gift anywhere from 5,000 VC up to 100,000+ VC! This can majorly accelerate your MyPlayer progression.

MyTeam Packs

Guaranteed free packs like Moments, Heat Check, League, and more. Great way to improve your squad and saves on VC to buy packs.

MT Points

MT Points are the currency in MyTeam mode. Locker codes can grant 5,000, 10,000, even 100,000 MT Points to open up new possibilities.

Galaxy Opal Cards

These are the highest ranked MyTeam player cards. Locker codes are one of the only ways to get Galaxy Opal tier players for free.

Prioritize chasing these reward types and your NBA 2K experience will quickly level up thanks to locker codes.

Maximizing Your VC Rewards

Now that you‘ve redeemed some codes and scored free VC, follow these expert tips to get the most bang for your virtual buck:

  • Only spend VC on key attribute upgrades, don‘t waste it on cosmetics. Focus on ratings that boost your player‘s core performance first.
  • Take advantage of occasional attribute discount sales in the NBA Store to stretch your VC.
  • Stack your VC rewards and have patience. It takes roughly 200,000 VC to max out a MyPlayer‘s key attributes.
  • Equip badge upgrades that complement your position and playing style. Pick strategic badges over flashy ones.
  • Save VC for MyCareer once your player hits mid-80s overall. The incremental VC cost skyrockets at that point.
  • Avoid temptation to rip open costly MyTeam packs unless there‘s a "guaranteed" topper. VC goes quicker than you think.

NBA 2K veterans know that strategy with your limited VC is crucial. Following these tips while making the most of locker code rewards will take your game to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let‘s wrap up this guide by answering some common locker code questions:

How often are new locker codes released?

Typically 5-10 new codes per week, with special events causing spikes. Limited quantity codes can drop any time.

Can codes run out or expire?

Yes, some codes have limited redemptions. Most codes expire after one week.

Can I redeem codes on both Xbox and PlayStation?

Unfortunately, locker codes are platform exclusive. You must redeem codes only on your platform.

Is there a limit to how many codes I can redeem?

Nope, no limits – go ahead and redeem as many valid codes as possible!

What‘s the best way to stay updated on new codes?

Following NBA 2K on Twitter and checking daily are your best options. Turn on notifications so you never miss new code drops.

The Bottom Line

Locker codes are a phenomenal way to get free VC along with other valuable in-game rewards. Follow this definitive guide to learn where to find codes, how to properly redeem them, which rewards to chase, and expert techniques to maximize your free VC. Mastering locker codes is a game-changer and will fast track your progress in MyCareer, MyTeam, and more NBA 2K game modes.

Thanks for reading and enjoy all the free VC! Let me know if you have any other NBA 2K locker code questions.