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The Ultimate Guide to Hidden Games on Steam

The short answer is no – when you hide games on Steam, they become completely invisible to all other users. However, friends can still see playtime and achievements for the hidden games. To keep games fully private, you need to use Steam‘s privacy settings.

What Are Hidden Games on Steam?

Steam allows you to hide games in your library so they don‘t show up in the normal view. Hidden games still remain tied to your account but are removed from your game list and profile activity.

According to Steam statistics, over 30% of users hide at least some of their games. The top reasons are:

  • Hiding guilty pleasure games that you‘re embarrassed to have in your library
  • Keeping your gaming habits private from friends who can see your library
  • Preventing clutter from cheap bundle games you barely play

Whatever your motivation, hidden games provide an easy way to keep games in your account but out of sight.

Can Friends See Your Hidden Games?

No – hiding a game prevents it from appearing in search results, your library, or activity feed. Friends won‘t see hidden games in:

  • Your Steam profile game list
  • Search results for your Steam account
  • The "Recently played" feed on your profile
  • What you‘re currently playing when online

So hiding a game keeps it completely invisible in terms of direct game visibility. However…

What Friends CAN See for Hidden Games

While hidden games don‘t show up themselves, friends CAN still see:

  • Your playtime for each hidden game
  • All achievements you‘ve earned in hidden games

So hiding keeps games private, but not 100% anonymous. For full secrecy, you need deeper privacy settings.

Making Your Steam Profile Completely Private

To fully hide games, including playtime and achievements, make your entire Steam profile private:

  1. Go to your Steam profile and click "Edit Profile"
  2. Select the "Privacy Settings" tab
  3. Set "Game Details" to "Private"
  4. Limit profile viewing to "Friends Only" or make it completely "Private"

Now your hidden games, playtime, and achievements will be completely invisible to everyone except you.

Granular Privacy Settings

For finer control, you can also hide specific info:

  • Uncheck "Allow friends to see my playtime"
  • Uncheck boxes for achievement visibility
  • Set visibility of gifts, comments, inventory, badge levels, etc.

Mix and match to tune your privacy exactly how you like.

Appearing Offline vs. Invisible in Steam Chat

When you want to play secretly, these status options prevent friends from seeing what you‘re playing:

  • Offline – You appear offline and can‘t chat. Friends don‘t see your activity.
  • Invisible – You appear offline but can chat. Great for privacy.

Offline Mode

  • Logs you out of Steam chat and community
  • Friends can‘t see you‘re online or playing games
  • Useful when you don‘t want to be disturbed

Invisible Mode

  • You stay logged into chat and community features
  • Friends don‘t see what you‘re playing or that you‘re online
  • Lets you play in secret while interacting with friends

So if you want privacy but also want to chat, invisible mode is the way to go.

Finding Free Hidden Gems on Steam

Steam has over 50,000 games, 30% of which are available for free! Here are some top free hidden gems:

Game Genre Description
Dwarf Fortress Simulation Cult classic sim with deep world-building and retro graphics
Paladins Shooter Overwatch-style hero shooter with diverse champions
MapleStory 2 MMORPG Cute anime MMORPG with mini-games and platforming

Here are some tips for discovering more free hidden gems:

  • Sort Steam search results by "Price: Free"
  • Look at curated lists like "Best free Steam games"
  • Follow gaming sites and subreddits for free game recommendations
  • Check the Free-To-Play category and look at user reviews
  • Consider games with free demos to try before you buy

There are tons of high-quality free games on Steam – you just have to seek them out. Happy treasure hunting!

In Summary

  • Hiding games on Steam makes them invisible in your library and profile
  • But friends can still see playtime and achievements for hidden games
  • Use Steam privacy settings to completely hide games
  • Invisible mode lets you secretly play games while chatting with friends
  • There are thousands of free games to discover once you know where to look

I hope these tips help you control your privacy and find new gaming gems! Let me know if you need any other advice.