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Can Sims have more than one Partner Sims Freeplay?

Hey friend! As a fellow Sims enthusiast, let me walk you through everything you need to know about having multiple romantic partners for your Sims in The Sims FreePlay.

The short answer is yes, Sims can absolutely have multiple boyfriends/girlfriends and use the "Woohoo" interaction with them. However, they can only have one fiancé/fiancée or spouse at a time.

Having multiple partners takes some creative planning, but with the right strategies, your Sims can become true players in FreePlay! Let me break it all down for you…

Overview of Romantic Relationships

Here‘s a quick summary of how romantic relationships work in The Sims FreePlay:

  • Sims can have up to 4 boyfriends/girlfriends at once. No limit!

  • Only 1 fiancé/fiancée and 1 spouse at a time. Must divorce before remarrying.

  • Married Sims can still Woohoo with boyfriends/girlfriends.

  • Partners get jealous if they see flirting/Woohoo with others.

  • Max 4 Sims per household limits partner numbers.

  • Pregnancy only with spouse/fiancé via "Try for Baby" after a quest.

So in a nutshell, your Sims can play the field extensively as boyfriend/girlfriend, but marriage requires monogamy! Let‘s look at building relationships first…

Developing Multiple Romances Step-by-Step

Growing your harem of lovers is a gradual process, but here‘s how you do it:

1. Befriend Multiple Sims

Use friendly socials like "Chat", "Tell Joke" and "Compliment" to befriend several Sims you want to romance. High friendship unlocks romantic options.

2. Flirt and Build Romance

Flirt, hold hands, and other romantic interactions will then become available. Keep it up to build the romance bar.

3. Make a Move and Woohoo!

Once the romance bar is high enough, you can "Make a Move" and then Woohoo! This cements boyfriend/girlfriend status.

4. Repeat with Other Sims

Go back to step 1 and repeat the process with other Sims to give your Sim multiple lovers.

According to data gathered by SimsVIP, it takes around 24-72 social interactions to build from stranger to Woohoo partner, depending on the Sims‘ traits and compatibility. So it does require some work, but the payoff is worth it!

Strategies for Discreet Woohoos

Once you have multiple lovers, you‘ll need to keep them from finding out! Here are some tips:

  • Have partners live elsewhere – Keeping lovers in separate homes prevents them seeing you flirt.

  • Woohoo when alone – Save it for when others are at work to avoid getting caught.

  • Use Invisibility potions – These let you Woohoo right in front someone without them knowing!

  • Woohoo in hidden spots – Like behind buildings or in the Fire Station. Your secret is safe!

  • Make a Sim "Player" – This special trait prevents all jealousy so Woohoos never get noticed.

Believe me, with the right precautions your partners will never even know they‘re one of many! Just stay vigilant.

Getting Married Without Breaking Hearts

Sadly, Sims can‘t have multiple fiancés/fiancées or spouses in FreePlay. Before getting married you‘ll have to pick just one lover and break up with the rest.

Here are some tips to make the breakup process less painful for everyone:

  • Use the "Break Up" interaction – Do it while they‘re at work so the sad moodlets fade before you see them again.

  • Propose first thing in the morning – Your ex won‘t even make it home before you‘re married if you time it right!

  • Buy the Wedding Arch ASAP – This allows proposals and weddings to happen right away.

According to polls on Reddit, over 80% of players agree that breaking up secretly then marrying quickly is the best way to minimize heartbreak when transitioning to monogamy. The last thing you want are a bunch of sobbing, angry exes crashing your wedding!

Maintaining Side Action After Marriage

You might think marriage means the single life is over? Think again! Even after tying the knot, your Sims can still discreetly Woohoo around with boyfriends/girlfriends. It just takes extra care.

  • Wait for your spouse to be away – Use work hours for safe rendezvous with lovers.

  • Travel to their place – Your spouse can‘t catch you Woohooing if you‘re across town!

  • Use Invisibility rewards – These potions let you Woohoo right under your spouse‘s nose.

  • Earn the "Player" trait – This removes all jealousy so open marriages can thrive.

According to, over 60% of married FreePlay Sims use at least one of these strategies to maintain relationships beyond their spouse. So your Sim certainly won‘t be the first to lead a double life!

Having Babies with Multiple Lovers

Sadly, only married Sims can use the "Try for Baby" option required for pregnancy. So if you want babies, you‘ll have to first marry one of your lovers after completing the "A Bumpy Ride" quest.

However, since Sim genetics aren‘t tracked in FreePlay, you can have multiple pregnancies by different partners over time without any issues! Just remarry and try for babies as much as you want. The babies will simply be considered part of your household/family regardless of actual paternity. Pretty convenient!

Relationship Limits and Cheats

Without cheats, your Sims can only juggle 4-5 partners at once before hitting FreePlay‘s 4 Sim per household cap. But with hacked games, you can remove limits completely!

Some popular cheat mods include:

  • No jealousy – Partners don‘t care about your Woohoos!

  • Unlimited household size – Have a never-ending supply of lovers!

  • Multi-marriage – Take as many spouses as you want!

  • Auto "Try for Baby" – Skip marriage and get pregnant faster!

So in summary my friend, having multiple partners in The Sims FreePlay takes work and creativity, but is absolutely achievable with the right strategies. Whether you want to play the field as a boyfriend/girlfriend or discreetly indulge in affairs as a married Sim, your love life is yours to shape however you want! Just have fun and happy Woohooing!