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Can Steam Join Epic Games to Play Gloomhaven?

The short answer is – not yet. Currently there is no official crossplay support between the Steam and Epic Games Store versions of Gloomhaven. However, the developers have stated that crossplay between all platforms is a priority for future updates.

Introducing Gloomhaven

Hey friend! Before we dive into the crossplay situation, let me give you a quick intro to Gloomhaven. It started out as a popular board game in 2017, where players cooperate in a challenging fantasy world filled with monsters, puzzles, and treasures.

The digital version launched in early access in 2021, bringing the intricate gameplay online for PC players. It quickly garnered praise for recreating the strategic combat and adventure.

Here are some key stats on the success of the digital adaptation so far:

  • Over 98% positive reviews on Steam
  • Currently #21 on Steam top sellers list
  • Over 67,000 concurrent players on launch day

With these kinds of results, it‘s clear there is huge demand among PC players to experience Gloomhaven. This leads to frequent questions around crossplay capabilities.

The Complexities of Crossplay

I know you, like many others, want to quest through Gloomhaven with your friends no matter what platform they‘re on. And I wish I could give you a simple yes or no answer here.

The truth is crossplay is a complex technical challenge, especially between separate PC storefronts. Games must be built from the ground up to support unified multiplayer across platforms.

Retrofitting crossplay post-launch is difficult. It requires reworking network infrastructure, account systems, lobbies, matchmaking and more. Testing must also be extensive to ensure stability and parity.

Even for major studios, crossplay can take months or years to fully implement after launch. For Gloomhaven‘s small team, it was an unrealistic goal for their early access debut.

The Official Stance on Crossplay

Here is the official statement from the Gloomhaven team on crossplay capabilities:

"Currently there is no crossplay between the Steam and Epic Games Store versions. This is something we very much hope to implement sooner rather than later. Crossplay is a priority for us, but our initial Early Access launch is focused on the Steam platform."

So in summary – no go on crossplay yet, but it is planned for the future.

This Steam-centric launch was strategic, allowing them to focus on delivering a polished PC experience there first. Supporting crossplay with Epic right away would have delayed or complicated matters.

The good news is they are clearly committed to making crossplay happen across all platforms once the game is content complete!

Progress Towards Crossplay

The developers have already begun working on crossplay infrastructure behind the scenes. In a recent AMA, they said:

"We are planning on implementing crossplay between platforms. We wanted our early access launch to focus on PC, but once the game is complete on PC adding additional platforms + crossplay is high on our priority list."

This reiterates that unified multiplayer is a top objective moving forward. And based on the roadmap they‘ve shared, I expect we‘ll see initial crossplay rollouts later this year, potentially first between Steam and Epic Games Store.

Full cross-platform play with consoles will take more time due to certification processes. But if any game can make the PC-console bridge, it looks to be Gloomhaven!

Unofficial Workarounds

Now I don‘t recommend you actually try this, but some clever players have found unofficial workarounds to connect Steam and Epic versions of games pre-crossplay.

Two potential options that have worked for certain titles include:


This third-party tool allows you to stream and share game sessions online. By running the Steam and Epic clients through Parsec, some users have aligned multiplayer sessions.

Shared Game Files

In some cases, you may be able to install the Epic version of a game onto the Steam folder location, potentially allowing alignment.

Again, these are NOT recommended by myself or the developers. But it does demonstrate the demand for players to unite across platforms any way they can.

Looking Ahead to Unified Multiplayer

While we await official crossplay support, the good news is Gloomhaven already supports online co-op within each platform.

So you can still quest with friends on Steam or the Epic Games Store. And the developers are actively working towards opening up multiplayer between ALL platforms.

Unified crossplay will be a huge value-add, enabling you to adventure with anyone regardless of where they own the game. Friends lists and lobbies will merge across PC, console and mobile (planned for 2023).

Based on the priority the team has placed on crossplay, I‘m optimistic we‘ll see this dream become reality by late 2022 or early 2023. Just hang tight and prepare to plunder some dungeons with your full party soon!

In the meantime, we can enjoy smashing through Gloomhaven‘s dark depths and sinister sorcery side-by-side with fellow platform peers. The road ahead looks bright for this breakout success.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘ll be sure to update you here when crossplay capabilities officially go live.