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Can You Avoid Killing Dag in Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla?

Hi friend! If you‘re playing Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla, you may be wondering – can you avoid killing Dag after his betrayal? I‘ve got the inside scoop as an AC superfan. Keep reading for the full breakdown on whether or not you must kill Dag, the choice you face, and how it impacts the ending.

Must You Fight and Kill Dag?

Short answer: Yes, the confrontation is unavoidable.

I know it may seem like some choices could prevent the clash, but Dag is dead set on battling Eivor no matter what dialogue options you pick. Trust me, I went through every conversation path trying to broker peace. No luck!

Once Dag sets this plan in motion, only steel can settle the score. Eivor must defeat Dag in an epic boss fight to progress.

The Inevitable Betrayal

For context, Dag is a respected warrior who joins Eivor and Sigurd on their journey to England. Over time though, Dag becomes wildly jealous of Eivor‘s rise to power.

In his eyes, Eivor stole his rightful place as Sigurd‘s #2 and threatens Dag‘s standing in the Raven Clan. This resentment hits a boiling point when Dag orchestrates a betrayal, attempting to kill Eivor and take control of the settlement.

This clash has been brewing for a while by the time Dag springs his trap. As Eivor‘s friend, you can see it coming from a mile away.

By The Numbers

  • Dag joins the crew in 872 AD
  • Eivor becomes advisor to Sigurd in 877 AD
  • Dag hatches his betrayal plot in 878 AD
  • The fateful confrontation happens in 879 AD

So Dag had years to let the jealousy fester before finally snapping. No surprise a fight is inevitable once Dag makes his power play.

The Aftermath: Kill Dag or Let Him Live?

Once you‘ve emerged victorious over Dag, Eivor faces a tough choice:

Option 1: Kill Dag

If you decide to kill Dag, Eivor will deny him a warrior‘s death by refusing to let Dag enter Valhalla.

Option 2: Give Dag His Axe

You can instead choose to give Dag his axe, allowing him an honorable death and passage to Valhalla as a warrior.

This decision usually gives people pause. Dag clearly betrayed Eivor in a vicious manner. But, denying a Viking entry to Valhalla is a massive insult.

As Eivor‘s friend, I recommend giving Dag his axe for the best outcome down the line.

Why Give Dag His Axe?

  • It upholds Viking tradition and Eivor‘s principles
  • Sigurd and others will respect this show of honor
  • It cements Eivor‘s leadership and maturity
  • Unlocks the best ending path for the game

Meanwhile, killing Dag is seen as dishonorable and selfish. It feels good in the moment but hurts Eivor‘s standing in the long run.

Dag Decision Sets Up Multiple Endings

The confrontation with Dag is a pivotal early moment that influences which ending you‘ll get in Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla.

There are 3 potential endings based on key choices made throughout the game. Here‘s how the Dag decision factors in:

Best Ending

Giving Dag his axe contributes to the best ending outcome if you also make honorable choices later on. Eivor is praised for wisdom and vision.

Good Ending

Killing Dag doesn‘t prevent the good ending, but it can if you make too many other dishonorable choices. Eivor is remembered as a strong but flawed leader.

Worst Ending

Denying Dag his axe sets Eivor down a dark path where future dishonorable acts result in Eivor being branded a cruel tyrant.

As you can see, the confrontation with Dag has huge implications on how Eivor‘s journey concludes. I‘d take the high road and give Dag his axe.

In Summary

  • The fight with Dag is unavoidable
  • You can kill Dag or give him an honorable death
  • Giving Dag his axe unlocks the best ending
  • It proves Eivor upholds Viking values
  • Makes Eivor a respected, visionary leader

Hope this inside scoop helps you navigate the tricky Dag situation! Let me know if you have any other Assassin‘s Creed questions. Happy gaming!