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Can you cash out free bets on FanDuel?

The short answer is no, you cannot directly withdraw or cash out free bets on FanDuel.

However, any winnings from wagers made with free bets can be withdrawn as normal cash. So let me explain further how free bets work and the details around cashing out profits from them.

As your friend and fellow gaming enthusiast, I want to provide you with the most helpful guide possible on using free bets wisely. Keep reading for everything you need to know!

What Exactly Are Free Bets on FanDuel?

When you sign up for FanDuel as a new user, you will frequently receive free bet credits as part of welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions.

For example, they often offer a "Risk-Free First Bet" up to $1,000. Here‘s how it works:

  • You create your new account and make a real money deposit of at least $10.

  • You place a cash wager up to $1,000 on any market.

  • If your bet loses, FanDuel will refund 100% of your stake as a free bet credit within 72 hours.

So it‘s essentially like insurance on your first bet! Even if you lose, you get the amount back to try again.

According to 2022 data from BonusFinder, the average free bet amount offered by FanDuel is $235. So you can expect to receive a sizable credit to play with.

Other common free bet promotions include:

  • Bet $5, Get $150 in Free Bets
  • Deposit $10, Get $50 in Free Bets
  • Refer a Friend, Get $50 in Free Bets

The key takeaway is that free bets are bonus credits that you can use to make additional "risk-free" wagers. You don‘t have to deposit any of your own cash when placing a free bet.

Are You Able to Withdraw Free Bets Directly?

Unfortunately, no. The terms of FanDuel‘s promotions state that free bet credits cannot be withdrawn directly as cash.

These bonus funds are solely intended to allow you to make extra wagers without any risk. FanDuel prevents you from cashing them out to avoid bonus abuse.

But don‘t worry, any winnings above the free play amount can be withdrawn! Keep reading…

Can You Cash Out Winnings from Free Bets?

Yes! Any profits earned from placing successful free bets are issued as normal cash that you can withdraw or use however you see fit.

For example, let‘s say you use a $50 free bet credit and win $100. Here‘s how that plays out:

  • You do not get back the original $50 free bet.
  • But you do get to keep the $100 in winnings!

That $100 profit is paid out in withdrawable cash that goes into your real money account balance.

According to FanDuel‘s terms, you can withdraw those profits immediately as long as you have met any playthrough requirements (more on that shortly).

So in summary – free bet amounts don‘t return, but profits are yours to keep and cash out!

Do Free Bets Expire on FanDuel?

Unfortunately yes, any unused free bet credits will expire within 14 days if you don‘t use them.

I definitely recommend placing your free bets soon after receiving them to avoid missing out. FanDuel‘s terms state expiration periods range from 72 hours up to a maximum of 14 days.

Here are some smart tips to avoid losing free bets from expiring:

  • Note the expiration deadline and use them before then.
  • Take advantage of betting opportunities even if the odds aren‘t perfect.
  • If you‘re uncertain on a wager, just make a small free bet rather than letting it expire.

According to data from BonusFinder, the average free bet expiration period among major sportsbooks is 13 days. So FanDuel‘s 2 week policy is standard.

But the clock starts ticking as soon as you earn the free credits in your account. So be sure to use them ASAP!

Is There a Rollover Requirement for Free Bets?

Some free bet promotions on FanDuel come with a 1x playthrough requirement before withdrawing associated winnings.

This means you need to wager the free bet amount one time before any profits become eligible for payout.

For example, let‘s say you receive a $50 free bet with a 1x rollover. Here are the steps:

  1. Place a $50 free bet on any market.

  2. If your bet wins, take those profits and wager them one time.

  3. After completing the 1x rollover, you can withdraw any remaining winnings.

So you essentially have to "play through" the free bet once before cashing out.

Be sure to check the specific promo terms, as some offers have a rollover while others do not. But it‘s typically only a 1x requirement.

What‘s the Smartest Way to Use Your Free Bets?

As your friend, let me share some strategic tips to maximize the value from your FanDuel free bets:

  • Make riskier wagers – Since it‘s "house money", take some shots on bigger underdogs or parlays.

  • Wager your top picks – Use free bets only on your most confident picks rather than uncertain ones.

  • Combine with cash – Mix free bets with your own cash to increase wager amounts past the bonus credit.

  • Take advantage of special promos – FanDuel runs contests with boosted odds or improved payouts.

  • Review expiration dates – Don‘t let free bets disappear unused from your account.

  • Meet rollover requirements – If applicable, be sure to playthrough the bonus funds before withdrawing any winnings.

  • Withdraw profits ASAP – Cash out those free bet earnings to have funds available for more wagers!

Do Other Sportsbooks Allow Cashing Out Free Bets?

The same general rules apply on other major betting sites like DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, PointsBet, and BetRivers.

While the terms vary a bit, here is what you can expect:

  • Free bets cannot be withdrawn directly.
  • Any winnings are paid out as withdrawable cash.
  • Most free bets expire within 7-14 days if unused.
  • Some sites require a 1x rollover before withdrawing profits.

So while the details differ slightly, the concept is universal – free bet credits can‘t be cashed out, but the extra winnings are fair game!

Free Bets and Cash Outs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let me wrap up by answering some common questions:

Can you withdraw a free bet promotion bonus?

No, you cannot directly withdraw the free bet amount as cash. Only winnings above that credit can be cashed out.

Do profits from free bets ever expire?

No, there is no expiration on withdrawing your profits as long as you meet any applicable playthrough requirements first.

Can you cash out open free bets during a promo?

Yes, you can cash out profits earned from any placed free bets while a promotion is still active.

What if you cash out a free bet but it ends up losing?

If you take a partial cash out and the wager later loses, you keep the cashed out amount but lose the remaining free bet.

Can you combine free bets and cash into one bigger bet?

Absolutely. You can add funds from your cash balance onto a free bet to increase the wager amount.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share my knowledge and help a fellow sports bettor.

The Bottom Line

While you can‘t withdraw FanDuel‘s free bet credits directly, any extra winnings you earn are fair game for cash out. Just be aware of expiration policies, playthrough rules, and best practices for maximizing value.

I hope this detailed walkthrough helps explain everything you need to know about cashing out free bets on FanDuel! Use the tips provided to make the most of any bonus funds.

Thanks for reading my comprehensive guide! Let me know if you need any other sports betting advice in the future.