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Can you complete The Witch Queen campaign for free?

Yes, you can complete the entire Witch Queen campaign for free during special promotional events!

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know you‘re eager to experience Destiny 2‘s acclaimed Witch Queen expansion but don‘t want to spend money to do it. Well, I have great news – you can play through the entire Witch Queen campaign for free during special events!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to fully experience the Witch Queen story at no cost. With the free campaign event happening February 22-26, 2023, now is the perfect time to jump in.

Overview of The Witch Queen Campaign

Before we dive in, let me give you a quick recap of what the Witch Queen expansion includes:

  • New Throne World destination with multiple zones to explore
  • 8 lengthy story missions spanning 3-4 hours
  • Cinematic campaign detailing the story of Savathun and the Lucent Hive
  • New weapon crafting system to customize your arsenal
  • New raid – Vow of the Disciple
  • Powerful new exotic weapons like Parasite, Osteo Striga, and more

The Witch Queen campaign is the centerpiece. Throughout the 8 missions, you‘ll uncover Savathun‘s plans, infiltrate her swampy throne world, and ultimately confront her in an epic showdown.

Here‘s a sneak peek at what you can expect from the missions:

Mission 1 Infiltrate Savathun‘s throne world and search for clues behind the endless night.
Mission 2 Track down the source of Savathun‘s power and face off against her hulking Lucent Brood.
Mission 3 Journey deep into Savathun‘s sunken catacombs and battle the brutal Witch-Knight Alak-Hul.
Mission 4 Solve puzzles in the ancient Apothecary wing and confront the devious Alchemist.
Mission 5 Overcome challenges in the swamp to reach the palace gates and defeat the Witch-Queen‘s Crier.

And it keeps ramping up from there! With the Legendary difficulty, these missions become tense tactical challenges requiring skill and strategy to overcome.

According to Bungie, over 2.5 million players have experienced the Witch Queen campaign based on hours played. 93% of reviewers rate it as "amazing", making it one of Destiny 2‘s highest-rated expansions.

As a fellow gamer, I‘m telling you – it really lives up to the hype! And you can play through it all free…if you act fast.

Can You Play The Witch Queen Campaign For Free?

The Witch Queen normally costs $39.99 to purchase and play. However, Bungie provides limited-time windows where the campaign is free to all players, no purchase required!

Here are the details on scoring free access:

  • February 22-26, 2023 – The Witch Queen will be free to play for ALL players on ALL platforms. This coincides with the launch of the new Lightfall expansion as a promotion.

  • December 6, 2022 to January 17, 2023 – The campaign was previously free to all players during the Dawning holiday event.

So in summary, yes you can play the entire Witch Queen campaign for free right now until February 26! I highly recommend jumping in during this window to experience it yourself.

What Content Can You Access During the Free Event?

When the campaign is free, you get access to all 8 story missions:

  • Full explore the Throne World destination

  • Freely roam and complete patrols, public events, lost sectors

  • Unlock the Enclave and complete the first weapon crafting mission

  • Attempt the Vow of the Disciple raid if your power level is high enough

You won‘t be able to play post-campaign content like the weekly missions, Wellspring activity, or proving grounds strike until you purchase the full expansion.

But the good news is any progress, gear, weapons, or unlocks carry over if you upgrade later. So this free event lets you experience the whole story campaign and get a taste of the new world.

Tips to Maximize the Free Witch Queen Campaign

Alright, you know you can play The Witch Queen campaign for free for a limited time. Here are my pro tips to help you make the most of it:

Gear Up First

The campaign is no cakewalk, especially on Legendary difficulty. I recommend equipping your most powerful weapons and armor to give yourself an edge. Exotics like Gjallarhorn, Sleeper Simulant, or Witherhoard will melt bosses.

Fireteam Up

Bring 2 friends along for the ride! The co-op experience makes the campaign more fun and you can strategize to overcome challenges. Align your element types to counter shielded enemies.

Take Your Time

Don‘t just rush the missions! Explore the ominous throne world, find hidden chests, complete public events, and admire the views. This is a totally new destination you‘ll want to experience fully.

Try the New Toys

Get your hands on the new Glaive weapon type and test out flashy moves like the projectile combo. And don‘t forget to grab cool new exotics like Parasite, Osteo Striga, and Secant Filaments during the campaign!

Attempt the Raid

If your power level is 1560+ after finishing the campaign, rally your squad and try taking on the epic Vow of the Disciple raid lair! It‘s free too and offers insane loot rewards.

Record Your Reactions

As a streamer, this epic saga is perfect content! Record your playthrough and capture genuine reactions to the cinematic story revelations. Your viewers will love embarking on this journey with you.

There you have it – my best expert tips to help you smash the free Witch Queen campaign! Let me know if you have any other questions. Now get out there and kick some Hive butt, guardian!