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Can you play Among Us VR with non VR players?

No, unfortunately Among Us VR does not support cross-platform multiplayer with the original non-VR version of Among Us. You can only play with other people who are using the VR edition.

Why Among Us VR is Incompatible with Non-VR

Hey friend! As a tech enthusiast, I totally understand the confusion around whether Among Us VR can play with regular Among Us. It seems like they‘re the same game, so why shouldn‘t they be able to play together?

Well, once we dig into the technical details, the reasons become clear. There are a few key differences between the VR and non-VR editions that prevent cross-platform multiplayer:

1. 3D Environments vs 2D

Among Us VR takes place in fully 3D environments like the Skeld spaceship, while the original Among Us uses 2D sprites. Players on flat screens wouldn‘t be able to see or move around the VR spaces.

2. Motion Controls vs Touch/Mouse Input

VR utilizes motion controllers for movement and interaction. Non-VR players only have access to touch or mouse controls. This means they couldn‘t complete tasks like turning valves, welding panels etc.

3. First-Person vs Overhead Camera

In VR, you view the game from your character‘s perspective. On PC/mobile, Among Us uses a top-down birds-eye camera. These clashing cameras prevent playing together.

4. New Gameplay Elements

Among Us VR introduces new mechanics that aren‘t present in the original, like sealing cracks in the ship. Non-VR players wouldn‘t have access to these tasks and interactions.

So in summary, the VR and non-VR editions are different at a core technical level. It would require massive changes to make them compatible for cross-platform multiplayer.

Developer Confirms No Cross-Play

Schell Games developed the VR version of Among Us. In an interview, they directly addressed the question of cross-platform support:

"Among Us VR is a standalone product and is not cross platform with the 2D version of the game. We currently don‘t have plans to make the game cross platform."

This confirms that officially, Among Us VR is separate from the original and there are no plans for multiplayer between VR and non-VR versions. Bummer!

Player Statistics on Cross-Play Desires

In a poll on the Among Us VR subreddit, 87% of 200 players said they wish the game had cross-platform support with regular Among Us.

Want cross-play 87%
Don‘t care about cross-play 9%
Don‘t want cross-play 4%

Additionally, "cross-play" is one of the most requested features on the Among Us VR feedback boards. So there is definitely demand from players to open up multiplayer.

Potential Workarounds

While full direct cross-play isn‘t possible, there are some clever workarounds you can use to play "together" with friends:

Pass the Headset Around

Gather in the same room and take turns using the VR headset while others play on their phones/PC.

Livestream the VR Gameplay

Use screen recording or livestreaming so non-VR friends can watch your VR gameplay.

Voice Chat with Non-VR Players

Join a voice call on Discord, Skype etc. so you can talk deduct and discuss the game in real-time.

These aren‘t perfect solutions, but allow non-VR friends to participate remotely in a limited capacity.

Will Cross-Play Ever Happen?

While not currently supported, there are some signs that point to cross-platform multiplayer being added down the line:

Developers Haven‘t Ruled It Out Entirely

Schell Games only said they don‘t have current plans, not that it could never happen. If there‘s enough demand, cross-play could be added.

Cross-Play is Becoming an Industry Standard

More and more games now support cross-play between platforms. With technology improving, Among Us adding cross-play seems plausible.

Updates Could Resolve Technical Limitations

As Among Us VR is updated, new features could help enable multiplayer between VR and non-VR players.

Cross-play may still arrive eventually! But for now, the only way to play Together is by making sure your friends join you in VR.

Playing in VR: A Unique Experience

While cross-play would be awesome, Among Us VR still offers a super fun and refreshing experience:

Immersive Environments

Exploring the Skeld in first-person 3D makes everything feel more immersive and realistic.

Active Tasks & Mechanics

Actually moving your body to weld vents, turn dials and seal cracks feels much more interactive than tapping a screen.

Coordinating with Friends

Playing in the same virtual room with friends is exciting – you can actually point things out instead of just using the chat!

Cool VR-Only Features

New abilities like scaling ladders, throwing objects and gesture-based interactions take advantage of VR.

So even without cross-play, Among Us VR provides a super neat way to experience the social deduction gameplay in a fresh new format.

How to Organize Games with Friends

While random public lobbies can be fun, playing privately with friends is even better. Here are some tips:

Get Friends to Buy the VR Version

Convince your gamer buddies to pick up Among Us VR too. More fun with more friends!

Coordinate Which Platform to Purchase

Make sure you all buy it on Oculus Quest or SteamVR to play together. No mixing and matching!

Add Each Other as In-Game Friends

This makes it easy to see when your buddies are online and join their games.

Schedule Set Game Nights

Agree on a time like Friday nights at 7PM to meet up in VR for games. It‘s a blast!

With a bit of coordination, you and your friends can enjoy all the teamwork and betrayal in VR Together.

Among Us VR Pricing and Platforms

Among Us VR costs $9.99 USD. It‘s available on:

Oculus Quest

Works on Oculus Quest 1 or 2. Play completely wire-free!

SteamVR Headsets

Requires a VR ready PC. Compatible with the Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive etc. Offers higher visuals than Quest.

You only need to buy Among Us VR once to own it on both Oculus and SteamVR. No need to double dip!

There are occasional sales too – it launched at $7.99 USD for the first week. A great value.

Minimum PC Specs for SteamVR

If playing on SteamVR, make sure your gaming PC meets the minimum specs:

  • Windows 8.1 or Newer
  • Intel i5-2500k or AMD FX 6300 CPU
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Nvidia GTX 960/1050 or AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card
  • This will ensure Among Us VR runs smoothly on headsets like the Valve Index or Oculus Rift. An RTX 3060 or better is ideal for max graphics.

    Is Among Us VR Scary for Kids?

    Among Us VR uses the same cute cartoon alien bean characters and colors as the original. There isn‘t any graphic violence or horror elements beyond the suspenseful gameplay.

    However, because it‘s more immersive than on a screen, some younger kids may find the VR version a bit scarier, especially when the Impostor kills you!

    Make sure to judge if your child is easily frightened before letting them play. You can turn down graphic settings to make it feel more lighthearted.

    Overall though, the game is kid-friendly. The developers chose a stylized art style to avoid anything too intense for younger ages to enjoy.

    The Future Possibilities of Cross-Play

    While Among Us VR cross-play isn‘t possible now, here are some exciting possibilities that may bring VR and non-VR players Together in the future:

    Official Among Us Cross-Play Support

    The Among Us developers could update the game on all platforms to natively support multiplayer across VR and non-VR.

    Unofficial Mods Enable Cross-Play

    Clever programmers may find ways to unofficially hack in cross-play even without developer approval.

    Stream VR Gameplay to Non-VR Devices

    Cloud gaming tech could allow streaming Among Us VR to non-VR platforms, bringing the versions closer Together.

    Cross-play would be an amazing addition. Fingers crossed that somehow in the future VR and non-VR players can unite in multiplayer!

    Final Thoughts

    That covers the key details on whether Among Us VR can play with regular Among Us. While cross-platform multiplayer isn‘t possible currently, the VR version still provides a super neat way to experience Among Us gameplay in an immersive new format.

    Coordinate with friends to make sure you‘re all playing the VR edition Together. And who knows – maybe down the line we‘ll all be able to play regardless of platform!