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Can You Play Crazy Eights with 3 People on GamePigeon?

The short answer is – yes, absolutely! Crazy Eights on GamePigeon allows anywhere from 2-6 players to get in on the action. This makes it the perfect game for a small group of buds.

Unlike most GamePigeon titles that are strictly 1v1, Crazy Eights breaks the mold by letting you play with up to 6 total people. I love this because it turns an already fun card game into an even more raucous and competitive experience with a bigger group!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about playing 3 player Crazy Eights on GamePigeon.

An Overview of Crazy Eights Rules

Before we dive into GamePigeon specifics, let‘s do a quick rundown of how Crazy Eights works for anyone unfamiliar with the game. I promise the rules are super simple!

Here‘s the basics:

  • Crazy Eights is a “shedding” style card game where the goal is to get rid of all your cards first.
  • It‘s played with a standard 52-card deck. Numbered cards 2-10 have their face value. Face cards are worth 10 points each. The wild card is the eights!
  • Each player is dealt 7-8 cards to start (depending on number of players).
  • The remaining cards are placed face down as the “draw” pile. The top card is flipped face up to begin the discard pile.
  • On your turn, you must play a card from your hand that matches the suit or rank of the top card on the discard pile.
  • If you don‘t have a match, you must draw a card from the draw pile and your turn ends.
  • When played, eights are wild and let you switch suits. You call out the new suit when you play your eight.
  • First player to empty their hand wins! It moves fast so games don‘t take long.

That covers the basics. Now let‘s look at how best to play when it‘s just 3 total people…

Gameplay Strategy Tips for 3 Players

Crazy Eights takes on a new dynamic when played with only 3 people. Here are some of my top gameplay tips to help you emerge victorious:

1. Watch What Other Players Are Tossing Down

With just 3 players, it‘s much easier to pay close attention to what cards your opponents are playing on their turns.

Keep an eagle eye on the suits and ranks they are discarding. This intel can inform your own strategy. Are they holding mostly hearts? Spades? High cards? Low cards? Use this info to your advantage.

2. Remember What‘s Been Played

Building on tip #1, make it a point to remember what specific cards have been played over the course of the game.

There are only 52 total cards after all. If you see every 4 of hearts has already been played, you can deduce no one has any left in their hand. This helps avoid fruitless draws.

3. Use Your Eights Wisely

Since eights let you switch suits when played, they are pivotal in Crazy Eights. My advice is to hang onto them in your starting hand rather than playing them too early.

Keeping an eight gives you flexibility in case you get stuck with no matches. But also don‘t hold it forever! Play your eights at strategic moments to gain an advantage.

4. Draw At The Right Times

When you‘re down to just 1-2 cards left, it‘s often better to just draw from the pile and hope for a match rather than play a low value card from your hand.

Drawing when victory is within reach maximizes your chances since the draw pile has more unknowns. Just don‘t draw excessively early on or you‘ll overload your hand!

5. Subtly Team Up

One sneaky tactic with 3 players is secretly teaming up with another player temporarily to strategically play your cards in a way that helps them out.

Like maybe drawing their needed suit from the pile or playing a high card they can easily beat. But be subtle about it! Temporary alliances can shift the balance of power.

6. Watch The Draw Pile

Keep a close eye on how many cards remain in the draw pile. When it starts dwindling down, the probability of drawing a useful card improves.

With fewer unknowns left, you can sometimes play riskier cards since the chances of drawing a match increase as the pile shrinks. Use this to your advantage in the endgame.

That covers my top gameplay strategies tailored for a competitive 3 player Crazy Eights matchup. Now let‘s look at how to actually set up a game on GamePigeon…

Setting Up a 3 Player Game on GamePigeon

The good news is that getting a 3 player game of Crazy Eights going in GamePigeon is super straightforward. Just 4 simple steps:

  1. Open Your Group Chat – You need to be in an existing iMessage GROUP chat with the other 2 people who want to play. A regular 1-on-1 chat won‘t work.
  2. Launch GamePigeon – Tap the GamePigeon app icon within your iMessage chat. Look for the controller logo.
  3. Select Crazy Eights – Scroll through the list of available games and tap on Crazy Eights.
  4. Create Game & Share Code – Tap "Create Game" and a randomized code will be generated. Share this game code in your chat so the other players can join.

Once at least 3 players join the game using the code, it‘ll automatically start up! Super simple and intuitive.

GamePigeon will handle the virtual card deck, dealing hands, and game rules. All you have to do is play your cards!

The gameplay itself works seamlessly. On your turn, just tap the card in your hand you want to play and it‘ll be discarded on the pile. Draws and eights work the same way by tapping.

This allows a fast-paced game compared to playing in person with physical cards. Take advantage of the speed to get more games in!

Now let‘s compare some pros and cons of playing Crazy Eights virtually on GamePigeon versus in-person…

GamePigeon vs. In-Person: Pros and Cons

While I love the convenience of playing Crazy Eights on GamePigeon from anywhere, there‘s also something nostalgic about gathering around a real deck of cards. Let‘s break down the pros and cons of each format:

GamePigeon Pros

  • Convenience – No need to be together physically or have a deck of cards. Just open your phones!
  • Faster gameplay – Virtual card playing is quicker than in-person. More games can be played.
  • Easy setup – Creating a game takes seconds and joining is seamless.
  • Rule enforcement – GamePigeon auto-handles mechanics like dealing, shuffling, and turns.

GamePigeon Cons

  • Less social – Being remote means slightly less banter and engagement.
  • Potential app issues – Performance relies on having decent internet and no app glitches.
  • Can‘t see opponents‘ hands – The hidden hands aspect is lost virtually.
  • Potential cheating – Harder to ensure no one is peeking at each others‘ hands!

In-Person Pros

  • More social – Physical proximity enables better camaraderie and trash talk!
  • Performance reliability – No concerns of internet/app issues interrupting gameplay.
  • See body language – You can read facial expressions and other tells.
  • Verify fairness – Ensures no one is cheating by sneaking a peek at hands.

In-Person Cons

  • Need coordination – Getting everyone together can require more planning.
  • Slower pace – Manually shuffling and dealing slows down gameplay compared to digital.
  • Physical components – Need cards and a place to play. GamePigeon just needs phones!
  • Rule management – Players have to jointly keep track of gameplay, rather than automated app enforcement.

As you can see, each format has its merits. Personally I think playing Crazy Eights with friends in the same room is more lively. But GamePigeon offers unbeatable convenience! Best to mix up both formats.

Now let‘s run through some additional ways to play Crazy Eights with 3 people beyond GamePigeon…

Other Fun Ways to Play Crazy Eights with 3 Players

While GamePigeon is great for remote iOS gameplay, there are other fun options for enjoying Crazy Eights with a total of 3 players too:

Classic Deck of Cards

This is easy – just grab a standard deck of 52 cards from the shelf and deal out hands to start playing! No preparation needed.

I‘d recommend using a deck that‘s small enough to hold in one hand for easy shuffling and dealing. Bicycle playing cards are my go-to choice for durability.

Make sure it‘s a clean new deck though, not your poker deck from college with 3 different beer stains on it!

Customized Decks

For something more stylish, order a custom Crazy Eights deck online. Many websites let you design a customized deck with colorful card backs, fun patterns, and unique card faces.

This is a fun way to theme your Crazy Eights nights. Order new decks for holidays, inside jokes or special events with friends.

Round Robin Tournament

Spice it up by having a round robin style tournament with 3 players. You each take turns playing 1v1 matches until everyone has played each other.

Most match wins at the end takes home the championship trophy! You can even award prizes to the winner and runner-up.


For added intensity, introduce betting with poker chips or cash wagers. Agree on a small amount per point or per round.

Winning a round or finishing first cashes in! This ramps up the competitive juices even if playing for only pennies or dimes.

Of course, betting is 100% optional, but does make for livelier games between friends! Just set reasonable limits.

2 vs. 1 Teams

For a cooperative twist, try playing 2 versus 1 in teams. This pairs up two players against the solo third player.

Teammates collaborate on strategy and secretly show each other their hands. Alternate teammates being the solo player each round.

This 2v1 format enables new strategies and alliances. Have fun scheming against each other!

Those are just a few ways I‘ve enjoyed mixing up 3 player Crazy Eights action. But the bottom line is that this classic game lends itself perfectly to a small group of 3.

The gameplay is always a blast whether playing via GamePigeon or in-person with real cards. Just be ready for some intense rivalries between friends!

The Bottom Line: Yes, You Can Definitely Play Crazy Eights with 3 Players on GamePigeon

So in summary – absolutely, positively yes…you can play a fun and competitive game of Crazy Eights on GamePigeon with 3 total players!

The app conveniently handles the logistics which enables fast-paced rounds. But joining up remotely does lose out on some in-person social elements.

My advice is to mix up both digital GamePigeon games and analog rounds with real cards for variety. Take advantage of both formats for endless Crazy Eights action!

I hope these tips help you dominate your next 3 player GamePigeon matchup. Let me know if you have any other questions! This is one of my all-time favorite classics.