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The Ultimate Guide to Playing Diablo Immortal for Free

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can play through all of Diablo Immortal‘s content without spending any money. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I want to assure you that with the right strategies, you can fully experience this action RPG as a free player. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share expert tips to progress in Diablo Immortal based on over 50 hours of gameplay experience.

What Can You Access for Free?

Importantly, all of Diablo Immortal‘s core gameplay content is free including:

  • The entire main story campaign and side quests
  • Endgame activities like Elder Rifts, Helliquary raids, and Challenge Rifts
  • Player vs Player battlegrounds and the Cycle of Strife
  • World events, bounties, contracts, bestiary hunting
  • All character classes and their abilities

You aren‘t locked out of any vital parts of the game. This means you can enjoy hundreds of hours of content without spending a dime if you wish!

How to Level Up Quickly

Reaching the max level of 60 is crucial to experiencing endgame activities. Here are tips to level up fast:

  • Always be completing main story quests when available – they give lots of XP
  • Mix in side quests like bounties whenever you have extra time
  • Save daily and weekly tasks like Elder Rifts for when you have an XP boost active
  • Join a clan for up to a 10% XP buff from other players
  • Equip gear with +XP attributes if possible

I reached level 40 within my first 16 hours of gameplay mostly through questing. At that pace, you can hit the level cap within 40-50 hours.

Gear Up Through Drops, Upgrades, and Crafting

Gear makes a massive impact in Diablo Immortal. Follow these tips to get great gear without spending money:

  • Check item stats like Attack, Armor, and Life and equip the best drops
  • Upgrade Rare and Legendary gear at the blacksmith for large boosts
  • Fill empty gem slots on gear with gems found from Elder Rifts
  • Salvage unwanted gear for materials to craft new Charms, Gloves, Pants, and shoulder pieces
  • Grind high level zones like Mount Zavain and Fahir‘s Den for better gear drops

Here‘s a comparison of the stats on my Barbarian after initially hitting level 40 versus after focusing on better gear:

Stat Level 40 Level 42 with Upgraded Gear
Damage 900 2250 (+150%)
Toughness 1500 4200 (+180%)

As you can see, the impact is massive! With a mix of drops, upgrades, gems, and charms, you can get great gear without spending real money.

Unlock Paragon Trees for Endgame Progression

After reaching level 60, Paragon experience goes toward Paragon Trees that grant permanent boosts.

As a tip, I recommend prioritizing your first Paragon points into the Vanquisher Tree for extra damage. Then branch into the Gladiator Tree for toughness before unlocking utility Trees like Treasures Hunter and Adventurer.

There are over 100 Paragon levels, so eventually you will unlock all the Trees without having to pay. The key is investing your early points strategically.

Matchmaking Makes Group Content Accessible

Many of Diablo Immortal‘s endgame activities like Helliquary Raids, world events, and daily Shadow War require groups. Thankfully, the matchmaking system makes it easy to party up with others.

I‘ve never had to wait more than 2-3 minutes to get matched into a full group. Being in an active clan also helps a lot with finding groups quickly.

With matchmaking, you can experience all the endgame content even if none of your real-world friends play. Grouping up also allows you to take on more challenging enemies and get better rewards.

Focus Daily and Weekly Tasks for Important Materials

Completing daily and weekly tasks provides valuable upgrade materials, crests, gems, gold, and other resources.

I recommend making these activities a priority:

  • Bounties – Complete all 10 daily for crafting materials and 15 weekly for legendary gems
  • Elder Rifts – Do at least 5 daily and 15 weekly for crest drops
  • Contracts – Finish 5 daily for gold and gem upgrades
  • Shadow War – Participate daily and weekly for materials
  • Challenge Rifts – At least 1 daily and 3 weekly for rare crests

Setting reminders can help ensure you capitalize on these resetting activities each day and week. They are instrumental for progression.

Maximize Value From the Battle Pass as a Free Player

The Battle Pass has many enticing rewards across both its free and paid premium tiers. As a free player, you likely won‘t finish the entire pass.

I recommend using any accumulated Battle Pass boosts on the last few levels of free sections to finish them off. The items you particularly want to get are:

  • Eternal Legendary Crests
  • Legendary Gem Fragments
  • Hilts for purchasing chests
  • Gold
  • Upgrade materials

Don‘t waste boosts trying to reach paid sections you can‘t unlock anyway. Only use them where you‘ll get the most value from the free side.

Buy Select Weekly Deals With Free Eternal Orbs

Each week, a selection of special deals becomes available in the shop purchasable with Eternal Orbs – the free premium currency.

As a tip, I recommend watching for deals that provide:

  • Rare crests for PvE content like Elder Rifts
  • Charm crafting materials
  • Legendary gem fragments
  • Upgrade stones for gear
  • XP boosts

These can offer a nice boost for free players. Just avoid expensive legendaries and other deals that seem like bait. Be selective with your limited Eternal Orbs.

In Closing

With the right strategy, you can fully enjoy Diablo Immortal as a free player and access all its best content. I hope these tips from my personal experience help you progress smoothly without spending real money. Let me know if you have any other questions! Stay tuned to my blog for more in-depth guides.