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The Ultimate Guide to Playing DMZ Without Owning Modern Warfare 2

Can you play DMZ if you don‘t have MW2?

Yes, absolutely! DMZ is a completely free mode included with Warzone 2.0. As long as you have the latest Warzone 2.0 client installed, you can play DMZ without needing to own Modern Warfare 2.


DMZ is an exciting new mode introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 that offers a unique mix of PvP and PvE gameplay. Many players have wondered whether owning Modern Warfare 2 is required to access DMZ, or if it can be played completely for free as part of Warzone 2.0.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about playing DMZ without owning a copy of Modern Warfare 2, including:

  • What DMZ mode is and how it works
  • Confirming that DMZ is 100% free with just Warzone 2.0
  • Tips for getting started in DMZ as a free player
  • Maximizing your experience without Modern Warfare 2
  • Earning rewards and leveling up weapons
  • Comparing DMZ to similar modes like Escape from Tarkov

Whether you‘re a free-to-play Warzone fan like me or just looking to try out the exciting new DMZ mode, this guide has you covered, my friend. Let‘s drop in and go over everything in detail!

What is DMZ Mode?

DMZ is the brand new sandbox-style experience introduced in Warzone 2.0, set on the same massive map of Al Mazrah. DMZ combines PvP multiplayer combat with PvE elements against AI enemies.

Here‘s a quick rundown of how DMZ works:

  • Match sessions last roughly 20-30 adrenaline-pumping minutes.
  • You load in with a customizable primary weapon, sidearm, lethals/tacticals, and some starting equipment.
  • The goal is to explore the map, loot for better weapons/gear, take on AI combatants, and optionally engage in heart-pounding PvP fights.
  • Successfully extracting earns you rewards to build up your persistent inventory between matches.
  • Dying means losing your equipped gear, but your persistent stash is safe.
  • Squad play is encouraged but not required – you can enable fill or drop in solo.

With a tense mix of PvP and PvE engagements, along with permanent consequences for death, DMZ offers a truly unique experience within the Call of Duty franchise – especially as a free mode accessible to all Warzone 2.0 players.

Key DMZ Mode Facts and Stats:

  • Matches last 20-30 minutes typically.
  • Up to 99 players in each match session.
  • Al Mazrah map size is roughly 9km squared.
  • Over 300 AI combatants across 20 factions.
  • Loot pool contains over 100 weapons.
  • Average survival time is 8-12 minutes.

As you can see, DMZ offers large-scale sandbox warfare on an expansive map with tons of enemies to take on. Now let‘s confirm the best part – that DMZ is completely free!

DMZ is Completely Free With Just Warzone 2.0

The great news is that DMZ does not require ownership of Modern Warfare 2. DMZ is included entirely within Warzone 2.0, which is a completely free download for all major platforms.

As long as you‘ve installed the latest Warzone 2.0 client, you can access DMZ directly from the main menu. There is no additional purchase or requirement needed, my friend.

This makes DMZ an exciting opportunity for free-to-play Warzone fans like us to experience a new take on Call of Duty multiplayer. Provided you have Warzone 2.0 installed, DMZ is included free for all players across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

I know you were worried about needing to buy MW2, but thankfully Activision made DMZ completely free as part of Warzone 2.0. Now let‘s get you ready to dive in!

Tips for Getting Started in DMZ as a Free Player

Jumping into DMZ for the first time can feel intimidating, especially if you haven‘t played Modern Warfare 2‘s standard multiplayer. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Play in a squad if possible. Having teammates like me to watch your back makes early DMZ matches much more forgiving.
  • Focus on looting and PvE first. Don‘t pick fights with players right away. Loot guns, armor, cash for loadouts.
  • Tackle easier AI enemies first. White (civilian) and yellow (low threat) enemies offer good loot with less risk.
  • Study the map. Learn key landmarks, extraction points, and high-value loot areas.
  • Complete missions and extract. Mission rewards and successful extractions earn you progress.

Stick to the basics early on – loot, fight AI, extract, repeat. Once you build up better gear through extractions and leveling weapons, you can start dominating enemy squads.

Recommended Loadout Tips for New Players:

  • Use the M4 or Lachmann 762 assault rifle – versatile and easy to control.
  • Bring a launcher to take out vehicles and helicopters.
  • Flash and stun grenades help in close quarters combat.
  • Upgraded armor plates for damage protection.
  • Extra ammunition to stay stocked during long matches.

With the right starting loadout, you‘ll gain confidence taking on all kinds of threats in your first DMZ matches.

Maximizing Your Experience Without Modern Warfare 2

Not having Modern Warfare 2 does limit your options slightly in DMZ compared to owners of the full game. Here are some pro tips for free players like us to maximize the DMZ experience:

  • Utilize free loadout drops. These allow you to customize guns from your inventory without buying a premium loadout drop.
  • Extract often to bank XP and build your stash. Don‘t wait for perfect runs – even small successes help progression.
  • Focus on meta free weapons. Guns like the M4, Lachmann 762, and Victus XMR perform great in DMZ at no cost.
  • Play aggressively once equipped. Don‘t hoard good loot – use it to snowball into more rewards.
  • Learn PvE mission tricks. Certain tricks let you earn rewards faster from missions and AI enemies.

While paying for Modern Warfare 2 unlocks more overall customization and starting options, you can still craft powerful free loadouts and earn top rewards through smart play and extraction discipline.

Expert DMZ Strategies for Free Players:

  • Memorize important locked room codes from community maps.
  • Use smoke grenades when extracting to cover your escape.
  • Save the final extraction for when you‘re loaded with loot.
  • Ambush AI patrols from behind for quick takedowns.
  • Pop UAVs before attacking Strongholds to expose all enemies.

Follow these pro tips and you‘ll get the most out of DMZ as a free player in no time!

Earning Rewards and Leveling Weapons in DMZ

A major incentive for playing DMZ is earning rewards that carry over between matches. This includes XP for leveling up weapons, and loot that gets added to your persistent inventory.

Weapon XP earned in DMZ matches contributes to unlocking attachments and camo challenges for guns, just like in standard multiplayer. Any equipped weapon gains XP from killing enemies and completing objectives.

For free players, this is a great way to level up popular meta weapons like the M4 that are freely usable in DMZ loadouts. You can unlock attachments to make your free guns more viable.

Successfully extracting is the main way to expand your inventory stash. Extracting earns DMZ-specific currency, faction standing, and new contraband weapons you extracted with. Build up your loot pool through smart extraction play.

You can also find Keys on certain enemies or in caches. Keys unlock special locked rooms and supply boxes around the map with valuable loot rewards inside. Keys carry over between matches like other persistent loot.

Overall, focus on extracting often with new weapon and item finds. Even small successive wins will steadily build your free DMZ arsenal over time.

Sample Extraction Rewards:

  • Weapon XP: 500-1000 per successful extract
  • Contraband Weapons: 1-2 new guns
  • Keys: Access to special locked stashes
  • Cash: $2000-5000 to buy loadouts
  • XP Tokens: Boost weapon progression speed

Extraction is everything – escape with rewards as often as possible to grow your inventory and stand a better chance in future matches.

How DMZ Compares to Extraction Shooters Like Escape from Tarkov

Fans of "extraction shooters" like Escape from Tarkov will notice a lot of similarities in DMZ mode. The core gameplay loop is comparable:

  • Load into a match session with basic starting gear.
  • Scavenge, loot, and fight to get better equipped.
  • Face hostile AI and enemy players.
  • Successfully extract rewards and experience.

However, DMZ is ultimately more accessible and forgiving than hardcore games like Tarkov:

  • More guided progression – Missions provide structured goals.
  • Faster pace – Matches are 20-30 mins instead of 40+.
  • Lower penalties – You mostly just lose match gear on death.
  • More flexibility – Play solo or squad, with matchmaking.

DMZ nicely blends the core extraction shooter formula with Call of Duty‘s signature fast-paced action and quality of life enhancements. This makes the mode more welcoming to new players like us looking for a lighter take on the growing genre.

DMZ vs Escape from Tarkov Comparison:

Feature DMZ Escape from Tarkov
Match Length 20-30 mins 40+ mins
New Player Friendly Yes No
Pace of Play Fast Slow
Death Penalties Lose match gear Lose all gear
Progression System Missions Complex hideout

As you can see, DMZ lowers the barriers to entry for new players to the extraction shooter genre.

Wrapping Up

DMZ brings a bold new game mode to the free Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 experience – no Modern Warfare 2 purchase required. With strategic scavenging, tense PvEvP engagements, and rewarding progression, DMZ is a refreshing take on CoD multiplayer well worth trying for all players.

Focus on learning the map, looting gear, taking on AI threats, and escaping with your prizes early on, my friend. Stick to powerful free weapons and play aggressively once equipped. Even without Modern Warfare 2, smart play rewards you with standing, XP, and loot to carve your own path of progression.

Now drop in and secure your next big score – see you in the Exclusion Zone! Let me know if you have any other questions.