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Can You Play Dragonflight Without a Subscription? – The Ultimate Guide

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can explore a good amount of Dragonflight‘s new content completely free! While a paid subscription unlocks everything, Blizzard now offers an unlimited free trial up to level 60 covering the starting zones. I‘ve played through it myself and will explain how you can too.

As an avid WoW player, I was super hyped for Dragonflight but wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to a full subscription yet. Luckily the expanded free trial gave me a chance to dive right in and experience the Dragon Isles firsthand. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to access Dragonflight for free, from account setup to hitting the level 60 cap. Let’s get started!

Getting Access to the Dragonflight Free Trial

Signing up for the free trial is quick and easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a free account if you don‘t have one already.
  2. Download the app for your computer OS – it manages all Blizzard games.
  3. Click install on the World of Warcraft tile in the app and let it download game files.
  4. Once installed, hit Play and it will launch WoW.
  5. Accept the license agreement and set up game preferences for your character.
  6. Make a character and start exploring the Dragon Isles!

The entire process only takes about 10-15 minutes. The app handles everything for you. Before you know it, you’ll be starting your free Dragonflight adventure!

Picking the Right Class and Race

One of the most exciting parts of starting WoW is choosing your class and race combo. Here are the best options for enjoying the Dragonflight free trial to the fullest:


Dracthyr Evoker – This new dragon humanoid race can only be the Evoker class. With flashy draconic ranged DPS and healing skills, Evoker really shows off Dragonflight‘s new features. Starting at 58 lets you dive right into the expansion content too.

Hunter – A prime choice for new players, Hunters have simple mechanics and a fun pet companion. You can play as ranged or melee DPS to fit your playstyle. Solid damage and mobility makes exploring the Dragon Isles easy.

Druid – With the ability to tank, heal, ranged and melee DPS via shapeshifting, Druids are extremely versatile. New dragon-themed forms in Dragonflight add flair. Druid is great for players who like flexibility.


Dracthyr – For the reasons above, playing as the new Dracthyr race paired with the Evoker class is ideal for experiencing Dragonflight‘s new content. Their starter zone ties directly into the expansion storyline too.

Pandaren – Based on Asian fantasy, the Pandaren starter zone provides a nice change of pace from the core Azeroth races. Their culture has a fun loving appeal.

Worgen – These werewolf like creatures have an engaging Gothic horror themed starter area. If you enjoy darker fantasy, Worgen is a standout choice.

While Dracthyr, Pandaren, and Worgen offer the most unique opening experiences, ultimately you can pick whichever race appeals to you visually and theme wise!

Leveling Up Your Character to 60

The free trial lets you level characters all the way up to 60. Here are some tips to help maximize your leveling speed:

  • Always be queued for random dungeons while questing in the open world.
  • Dungeons reward big XP, especially your first random run of the day.
  • Grouping with even 1 other player gives an XP bonus while questing.
  • Gathering professions like Herbalism give hefty XP gains from harvesting nodes.
  • Enable War Mode for 10% extra XP at the cost of open world PvP being enabled.
  • Complete the Adventurer‘s Guide suggestions for activities relevant to your level.

Based on my own 1-60 leveling experience, I was able to hit the cap in around 22 hours of /played time. Take your time and don’t rush it! But know that you can now level fairly quickly compared to past expansions.

Must See Zones and Sites

The Dragon Isles contain four massive new zones to explore. Here are some of the highlights you absolutely must see on your free trial:

The Waking Shores

  • Ohn‘ahran Plains – sprawling vibrant meadows with the Centaur tribes.
  • Izal-Shar – beachfront Dragonspawn town with gorgeous views.
  • Valdrakken – imposing canyon pass leading to ruined Titan structures.

The Azure Span

  • Thaldraszus – flooded ruined Elven city now inhabited by Dragonspawn.
  • Brackenhide Hollow – whimsical Drust-infused grove of giant mushrooms.
  • Emberthon – scorched wasteland home to Proto Dragons.


  • Ala‘thrazeer – beachfront Tuskarr village with stunning tropical vibes.
  • Harpong – deep cavern home of the Jormun wildlife handlers.
  • Reliquary of Dreams – ethereal planeshard library, visually spectacular.

The Forbidden Reach

  • Uldum-like titan ruins dotting the zone, ominous and mysterious.
  • Dragonscale Outpost – cliffside Venthyr settlement with great vistas.
  • Vinthir Sanctum – imposing gothic castle tucked away in the mountains.

While these are just personal highlights, the entire Dragon Isles is densely packed with stunning and imaginative locales. Take your time wandering, there’s beauty everywhere!

Unlocking Your Dragonriding Abilities

One of Dragonflight‘s major new features is the Dragonriding skill, letting you take to the skies on personal dragons. Here is how to unlock it:

  1. Follow the main story questline which will take you to Valdrakken in the Waking Shores.
  2. Complete the Dragonriding intro quests there to earn your first Drake.
  3. Return to Dragonscale Outpost in the Forbidden Reach.
  4. Finish the Dragonriding training course to officially unlock mounted flying.

The whole process only takes around 30 minutes if you stick to the critical path. Dragonriding completely changes how you traverse the massive Dragon Isles zones. Unlocking it should be a top priority on your trial!

Hitting the Level 60 Cap

Once you’ve hit the max level 60, there’s still plenty to occupy your time:

  • Questing – Finish up any unfinished zone storylines.
  • Professions – Max out your chosen professions to skill level 300.
  • Collections – Hunt down unique armor and weapon transmogs.
  • Achievements – Earn bragging rights for completing zones, finding rare spawns, etc.
  • Housing – Get an inn room and decorate it with furnishings.
  • PvP – Enable War Mode and fight enemy players across the Isles.

While you’ve reached the level cap, just enjoying the world and checking things off your personal to-do list can easily keep you occupied for many more hours.

Weighing the Choice to Subscribe

Based on my hands-on time in the Dragonflight free trial, here are the key points I considered when deciding if I should subscribe and keep playing:

  • I really liked my Dracthyr Evoker’s playstyle – the draconic magic skills were awesome.
  • The zone stories left me wanting to see what comes next in the overall narrative.
  • Not being able to use the Auction House or trade was very limiting.
  • I missed being able to fully communicate and group with other players.
  • My professions felt incomplete at only 300 skill.

For me, those social restrictions and progression walls ultimately led me to subscribe. The gameplay itself was highly enjoyable, and I was invested enough in my character to keep advancing.

However, if you feel satisfied with what you‘ve experienced on the free trial, don’t feel pressured to subscribe yet. You can always come back and do so later! Only you can decide if you want to keep progressing.

Key Takeaways

Here are the core points to remember about playing Dragonflight on the free trial:

  • You can level all the way 1-60 and experience the full starting Dragon Isles content.
  • Selecting an engaging class/race combo like Dracthyr Evoker makes it more fun.
  • Queueing for dungeons while questing will make leveling much quicker.
  • Dragonriding and the new zones/stories should definitely be your top priorities.
  • Maxing professions, collections, achievements etc. can extend playtime further.
  • If you love the core gameplay, a subscription opens up everything beyond level 60.

Blizzard’s unlimited free trial gives you ample time to make an informed decision about if you want to subscribe. I hope my guide gives you insight into making the most of Dragonflight without a sub. Let me know if you have any other questions!