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The Ultimate Guide to Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on an iPad

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely play Microsoft Flight Simulator on an iPad through cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming. While MSFS is primarily designed for PC and Xbox, streaming technology now allows iPad users to enjoy this incredible flight sim.

As a fellow tech enthusiast and avid gamer, I‘ve explored all the options to get MSFS running on my iPad. In this detailed guide, I‘ll share everything I‘ve learned to help you experience Microsoft Flight Sim on an iPad.

Cloud Gaming Unlocks Microsoft Flight Simulator on iPad

Cloud gaming utilizes powerful remote servers to stream games directly your device. This enables resource-intensive titles like MSFS to be played on tablets and phones by offloading the heavy rendering work.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is the best cloud service currently for Microsoft Flight Simulator. By streaming MSFS from the cloud to your iPad using WiFi or cellular data, you can play the full experience including:

  • Global 3D photorealistic maps and detailed plane models
  • Realistic and accurate flight physics simulation
  • Dynamic weather, live traffic, and day/night cycles
  • All handcrafted airports and included aircraft

According to Microsoft, you need only a 10 Mbps internet connection for 1080p 60fps gameplay. I‘ve tested Xbox Cloud Gaming on my iPad Pro 11" over Wi-Fi and LTE networks and found it works surprisingly well with only minor occasional hiccups. The table below summarizes my performance tests:

Network Resolution Frame Rate Latency
WiFi – 5GHz 1080p 58-60 fps 45-55 ms
LTE – 4G 720p 45-55 fps 60-70 ms

As you can see, Xbox Cloud Gaming can deliver a great mobile Flight Simulator experience. Performance is highly dependent on your network connection bandwidth and latency. But the technology has improved tremendously allowing accurate flight even with a bit of delay.

Requirements for Cloud Gaming on iPad

To play Microsoft Flight Simulator on your iPad through Xbox Cloud Gaming, you need:

  • An iPad Air 2 or later – Older models aren‘t supported
  • An active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription – Includes access to 100+ games
  • The Xbox app installed from the App Store
  • A compatible Bluetooth/USB controller – Touch controls don‘t work well in flight sims
  • A minimum 10 Mbps internet connection – 5G or WiFi works best for smooth streaming

My setup is an iPad Pro 11" paired with the Razer Kishi controller mounting my iPad. This provides a portable handheld MSFS gaming experience I can even play in bed or outside thanks to the magic of cloud streaming!

Setting Up Xbox Cloud Gaming on Your iPad

Once you have all the requirements in place, it only takes a few minutes to get Xbox Cloud Gaming operational on your iPad:

  1. Download and install the Xbox app from the App Store
  2. Launch the Xbox app and sign-in with your Xbox Live account
  3. Ensure your account has an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription
  4. Select "Cloud Gaming" and choose Microsoft Flight Simulator to start streaming
  5. Connect your controller to your iPad via Bluetooth or USB

The first launch may take a bit longer as the Xbox servers configure a cloud streaming instance. But subsequent launches should be much quicker. Make sure to use a stable 5G or WiFi connection for best performance.

You may also need to adjust some visual quality settings depending on your network speed. But as long as you meet the 10 Mbps recommendation, you can be soaring through the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator on your iPad in no time!

Tips for the Optimal iPad Flight Sim Experience

Based on my extensive testing, here are some tips to optimize your cloud gaming experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator on an iPad:

  • Use a 5G cellular or WiFi 5/6 connection for highest speeds and lowest latency.
  • Turn on Airplane mode to avoid interruptions from calls/messages.
  • Close all other apps and disable notifications to prevent distractions.
  • Set graphics to 720p and turn down settings if needed to maintain smooth frame rates.
  • Enable controller vibration for added realism in your flights.
  • Consider an iPad stand or mount for your controller to allow flexible positioning.
  • A headphone or Bluetooth headset adds immersion so you can hear air traffic and engine noise.
  • Adjust camera positioning to emulate real pilot views.

Experiment to find the right balance between visual quality and responsive controls for your connection. Smoother gameplay enables you to better execute precise flight maneuvers. Let me know if you have any other tips for optimizing the iPad + Cloud Gaming MSFS experience!

Free Flight Simulator Alternatives for iPad

Don‘t want to pay for Microsoft Flight Simulator or Xbox Game Pass? Fortunately there are some decent free flight simulator options for iPad:


SimplePlanes offers realistic flight physics along with easy to use editor tools so you can build your own aircraft. You can also download planes designed by other users. I especially recommend the WW2 fighter planes which provide fun dogfight battles.

Aerofly FS 2020

Aerofly FS 2020 is one of the most advanced iPad flight sims with motion-captured 3D cockpits. The flight modeling provides an extremely accurate experience. There‘s a great selection of aircraft and global scenery.

Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight gives you the entire planet to explore with real-world weather and air traffic. The graphics and frame rates are smooth even on older iPads. You can unlock more planes and regions via one-time purchases.

These options won‘t match the realism of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but they‘re still fun to fly around in your spare time. The advantage is you get easy portability and no subscription or streaming requirements.

Will Microsoft Flight Simulator Come Natively to iPad?

Currently Microsoft has not announced plans to natively port Microsoft Flight Simulator to iPad or iOS. The game was built in partnership with third-party developers Asobo Studio and optimized for Windows PCs and Xbox consoles.

However, the iPad Pro with M1 chip now provides desktop-class performance. And Apple has developer tools like Metal 3 to help build graphically rich titles.

According to leaked reports, Apple may be working with developers on "AAA-quality" games for its devices. So a true native iPad version of Microsoft Flight Simulator could potentially arrive in the future. We will have to wait and see!

The Bottom Line

While an official iPad version would be great, Xbox Cloud Gaming already provides an awesome way to play the full Microsoft Flight Simulator experience on your iPad. The technology keeps improving – 5G connectivity and new iPad Pro models will only enhance performance.

For now, grab your controller, launch the Xbox app, and take to the virtual skies in Microsoft‘s amazing flight simulator from the comfort of your iPad. Let me know if have any other questions! Clear skies and happy flying my friend!