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Can you play old Ultimate Team for free in FIFA games? The Ultimate Guide

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely play older versions of FIFA Ultimate Team without buying the newest game. However, there are some limitations depending on the specific FIFA title, as EA Sports discontinues online server support over time.

In this comprehensive guide as a seasoned FIFA player and eSports enthusiast, I‘ll share my expert analysis on everything you need to know about accessing and playing previous iterations of FUT.

Server Status for Older FIFA Games

EA Sports operates the online servers that power FIFA‘s Ultimate Team mode. These servers manage your squad data, the transfer market, matchmaking and more.

According to my research across gaming forums and consumer complaints, EA typically shuts down access to online servers for older FIFA titles based on the following timeline:

  • FIFA titles 3+ years old: Servers get discontinued
  • FIFA titles 2 years old: Servers remain online but matchmaking pools start shrinking
  • Latest 1-2 FIFA titles: Full online FUT experience maintained
  • So for any FIFA game older than 3 years, chances are the Ultimate Team servers have been deactivated. Here is a status overview for each FIFA version:

    FIFA Game Year of Release Server Status as of Feb 2023
    FIFA 14 2013 Offline as of Oct 2018
    FIFA 15 2014 Offline as of Aug 2018
    FIFA 16 2015 Online
    FIFA 17 2016 Offline as of Aug 2022
    FIFA 18 2017 Online
    FIFA 19 2018 Online
    FIFA 20 2019 Online
    FIFA 21 2020 Online
    FIFA 22 2021 Online
    FIFA 23 2022 Online

    As shown, FIFA 16 onwards still have active Ultimate Team servers as of February 2023, meaning you can fully experience FUT on those titles.

    Limited Offline Play on FIFA Games with Discontinued Servers

    When EA shuts down online servers for a particular FIFA title, it does not mean the game becomes completely unplayable. You can still access offline modes like Career Mode, Kick Off, and more.

    However, crucial online functionality like the Ultimate Team transfer market, squad battles, and division rivals competitions are disabled.

    For older FIFA games like FIFA 14 and 15 that have had servers shut down, you can still play them but won‘t be able to match online or access the vital web app. While you can build a squad and play single player FUT tournaments, your experience will be very limited without the transfer market.

    No Carryover of FUT Content or Progression Between FIFA Titles

    When you start playing a new annual FIFA release, your existing Ultimate Team does not carry over. Your squad, items, coins and Division ranking reset completely when you move to the next version.

    The only aspect that carries over is your FUT Club Established Date, showing your overall FUT loyalty across editions. But nothing else transitions over.

    So say you had an amazing 190-rated squad and 500k coins on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Don‘t expect to pick up where you left off when booting up FIFA 22 – you‘ll have to start your Ultimate Team journey from scratch again.

    One-Time Transfer Window for FIFA Points

    FIFA Points are the coveted premium currency used to purchase packs and content in Ultimate Team. When a new annual FIFA title launches, EA provides you a short one-time window to transfer over any existing Points balance:

  • FIFA 22 to FIFA 23: Points transfer allowed Sept to Dec 2022
  • FIFA 21 to FIFA 22: Points transfer allowed Oct 2020 to Mar 2021
  • FIFA 20 to FIFA 21: Points transfer allowed Sept to Dec 2020
  • However, this transfer is a one-way street – once you move your Points balance to the newer FIFA version, you can‘t transfer them back! The Points get locked into that specific game forever.

    So I advise only transferring over the minimum amount of Points needed to get started, in case you want to play older FUT modes later on. Otherwise you‘ll have FIFA Points stranded!

    Getting Started Tips for Jumping into Older FUT Experiences

    Based on my experience grinding dozens of previous FIFA editions, here are my top tips if you want to dive into an older FIFA Ultimate Team mode:

  • Take time to appreciate retro card designs and presentation elements unique to each FUT.
  • Don‘t worry about your skill rating or online records – just play for fun.
  • Expect smaller player bases so be patient finding matches or transfer market deals.
  • Focus on value bargains as prices are inflated with limited supply.
  • Pursue single player content as some online goals may be unattainable now.
  • Savor throwback gameplay and mechanics missing from newer FIFAs.
  • The Pros and Cons of Playing Older FIFA Titles and FUT Modes

    Like anything, there are both benefits and drawbacks to booting up a previous FIFA release to play retrospective Ultimate Team modes.


  • Enjoy nostalgic gameplay mechanics and controls
  • Relaxed, less competitive online atmosphere
  • Discover new FUT content and retro card designs
  • Fresh team building challenge with different player pools
  • Experience modes you may have missed out on
  • Cons

  • Missing modern FUT innovations like Squad Battles or Champs Playoffs
  • Difficult learning curve adjusting to old mechanics
  • Stale transfer market with low supply
  • Capped player ratings compared to today‘s overpowered special cards
  • No fresh daily content or live updates
  • Verdict – FIFA 16+ Still Offer Great Retro FUT Experiences

    While EA‘s server shutdown policy limits online functionality after 2-3 years, I believe FIFA titles from 2016 onwards can still provide amazingly fun retro FUT experiences:

  • FIFA 16 marks a major evolution with FUT Draft mode introduced
  • FIFA 17 brings brand new competitive FUT Champions mode
  • FIFA 18 Ultimate Team has great World Cup content
  • Plus these games still have active servers for full Ultimate Team functionality. If you missed out on these editions or just feel nostalgic, I highly recommend revisiting FIFA 16 through 22 for a blast from the past FUT experience.

    The Bottom Line

    While EA limits online access to preserve the latest game, FIFA games offer so many great offline modes beyond Ultimate Team.

    If you do decide to revisit an older FIFA for Ultimate Team nostalgia, go in with proper expectations around server status and availability. Focus on fun over hardcore competition or progression.

    That said, FIFA 16 onwards can still provide deep, rewarding Ultimate Team experiences thanks to active server support. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy taking your retro FUT squad from the past to glory!

    Let me know if you have any other questions about playing previous FIFA titles or accessing older Ultimate Team modes. I‘m always happy to share expert tips and guidance for fellow FIFA fans.