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Can you still play Shadowkeep on Destiny 2? The Complete Guide

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely still play the Shadowkeep expansion on Destiny 2! Despite being released in 2019, Shadowkeep remains fully playable and accessible thanks to Bungie‘s recent decision to stop vaulting paid expansion content.

As a dedicated Destiny 2 player with over 500 hours logged, I‘ve created this comprehensive guide to breakdown everything you need to know about playing Shadowkeep in 2023 and beyond. Read on for insights into Shadowkeep‘s enduring content, how to purchase it, and how it fits into Destiny 2‘s evolving universe.

Why Shadowkeep Stands the Test of Time

Let‘s first understand why Shadowkeep continues to be a rewarding expansion for Destiny players years after its initial release:

  • Immersive Campaign – Fighting nightmares on the moon remains one of Destiny‘s most chilling story experiences.
  • Exotic Gear – From Xenophage to Divinity, Shadowkeep added some of Destiny‘s most coveted new exotics.
  • Raids & Dungeons – It introduced the iconic Garden of Salvation raid and Pit of Heresy dungeon.
  • Evolving End-game – Nightmare Hunts and Altars of Sorrow offer repeatable end-game activities.
  • Destination & Loot – The moon destination provides heaps of open world content and loot to discover.

Unlike early vaulted content, Shadowkeep offers long-lasting progression systems, challenging high-level activities, and unique destinations that retain their relevance.

According to Bungie, Shadowkeep brought in over 1 million new players to Destiny 2 and revenue spiked over 50% from the previous quarter. This data shows the excitement and engagement Shadowkeep created.

Purchasing Shadowkeep in 2023

If you want to experience Shadowkeep‘s chilling moon adventure, purchasing it is straightforward:

  • Cost: $34.99 alone, or bundled with other expansions in the Legacy Collection for $59.99
  • Platforms: Available on all – Playstation, Xbox, Steam, Epic Games Store
  • Purchase Options: Buy directly in-game or from platform stores
  • Content Included: Full Shadowkeep expansion and current season pass

Once purchased, Shadowkeep will unlock on your account across all cross-saved platforms. And you‘ll be able to experience all of its content at your own pace.

Playing Shadowkeep Post-Witch Queen

A common question is whether Shadowkeep remains fully playable even after recent massive expansions like 2022‘s The Witch Queen.

The answer is a resounding yes! Once you own Shadowkeep, that content remains accessible no matter what new expansions release.

Bungie has confirmed the following key details about Shadowkeep‘s longevity:

  • Shadowkeep will never enter the Destiny Content Vault and be removed.
  • All Shadowkeep missions, destinations, activities, and rewards remain fully playable.
  • Owning later expansions like The Witch Queen is not required to play Shadowkeep.
  • New expansions do not replace or alter Shadowkeep‘s content.

So even players who skipped recent expansions like The Witch Queen can return and enjoy Shadowkeep‘s standalone experiences.

Let‘s compare Shadowkeep playability across platforms:

Platform Shadowkeep Playable?
PlayStation Yes
Xbox Yes
Steam Yes
Epic Games Yes

As this table illustrates, your ability to play Shadowkeep content remains consistent across platforms in 2023 and beyond.

Venturing into the Shadowkeep Mysteries

I hope this guide has shed light on how Shadowkeep remains a deep, rewarding expansion for Destiny 2 players even years after its release. Its staying power comes from enduring progression systems, challenging end-game activities, and immersive lunar destinations.

If you‘ve yet to experience Shadowkeep‘s chilling story campaign or conquer its high-level Nightmare Hunts and Dungeons, it‘s not too late. Now is a great time to purchase Shadowkeep and discover the moon‘s haunting secrets as a new or returning Guardian.

See you starside!