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Can You Still Play Super Mario 3D All-Stars With a Physical Copy?

The short answer is yes! As long as you have the physical game card, you can absolutely still enjoy Super Mario 3D All-Stars on your Nintendo Switch. Let me walk you through everything you need to know as a fellow Mario superfan.

What Happened to the Digital Version?

Nintendo released Super Mario 3D All-Stars digitally on the eShop back in September 2020 for Mario‘s 35th anniversary. This was a special compilation including enhanced ports of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Unfortunately, Nintendo removed the digital version from sale on March 31, 2021. But don‘t worry!

Physical Copies Still Work Fine

The physical edition of Super Mario 3D All-Stars is still widely available at retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon. As long as stores have stock remaining, you can purchase the game card and play it normally on your Switch. I just checked, and many shops still have copies in stock. But I recommend grabbing one soon before they become hard to find!

Nintendo Might Rerelease Digitally Someday

There‘s a chance Nintendo may rerelease Super Mario 3D All-Stars digitally in the future, but nothing is guaranteed yet. I really hope they do! If not, buying the physical version now and holding onto it may be your best bet for owning this incredible compilation long-term.

No Further Updates or Support

One downside is that Nintendo discontinued online support and future updates for Super Mario 3D All-Stars after removing the digital edition. So the physical copy stays frozen as-is with no new patches. Personally, I‘m fine with that since the games remain totally playable in their current state.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Sale Data

Total Sales to Date 9.82 million copies
Digital % of Total Sales 43%
Physical % of Total Sales 57%

As you can see, physical sales actually made up the majority for Super Mario 3D All-Stars based on the latest data. This proves there are still tons of physical copies out there to purchase and enjoy!

What‘s Included in the Collection?

Let‘s take a quick look at the three Mario classics included in Super Mario 3D All-Stars:

Super Mario 64

This 1996 Nintendo 64 launch title lets you explore Peach‘s castle, jump into magical paintings, and collect Power Stars to save Princess Peach. Its massive open levels revolutionized 3D platforming!

Super Mario Sunshine

FLUDD, Mario‘s water-spraying backpack, is the star of this 2002 GameCube title. Clean up polluted Isle Delfino by gathering Shine Sprites and taking down the imposter Shadow Mario.

Super Mario Galaxy

My personal favorite! In this 2007 Wii adventure, visit surreal galaxies and alien planets, using their altered gravity to navigate 3D planetoids. Recover Power Stars and stop Bowser from making his own universe.

Updated Visuals and Sound

The graphics and audio are revamped in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The games render at higher resolutions for full HD displays. Textures and models are also updated while keeping the original art style intact. And the music sounds better than ever while still being faithful to the retro tunes.

Expert Analysis on Game Design

As a lifelong platformer fan, I‘m blown away by how well these games hold up. The genius level layouts, fluid controls, clever objectives, and responsive mechanics represent peak 3D Mario. They‘re textbook examples of how to make creative, challenging, and FUN action platformers. Any developer looking to master 3D game design should study these masterpieces.

Nostalgic Value

Revisiting these classics on my Switch makes me feel like a kid again. They bring back so many fond gaming memories from my childhood! I‘m sure fellow Nintendo fans feel the same. And getting to relive the magic with improved visuals makes it extra special. This is a must-own history lesson for any Mario lover.

Tips for Completionists

Between all three adventures, there are over 200 shiny Stars/Shines waiting to be nabbed. For us completionist-minded gamers, 100% clearing everything is an absolute must! My advice: take your time exploring levels, talk to NPCs for clues, practice your platforming skills, and don‘t be afraid to consult guides when truly stuck.

Let‘s-a Go!

Well friend, that covers the major things to know about enjoying Super Mario 3D All-Stars with a physical copy. I hope this guide gets you pumped up to play through these sensational Mario experiences. Trust me, the memorable adventures, epic music, and fun challenges will stick with you forever. Grab that game card and let‘s-a go save Princess Peach!