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Capcom Confirms PC as Main Platform and Rejects Microsoft Takeover, President Suggests Increasing Game Prices

Capcom, the Japanese gaming company, has assured PC gamers that the platform will continue to be a central focus of its gaming ambitions. In an interview with Bloomberg, president Haruhiro Tsujimoto stated that for many years, the PC has been their main platform and they currently sell games in 230 countries and regions through this platform. Tsujimoto also confirmed that Capcom's goal is to sell 100 million copies of its games within a single year, and they plan to achieve this goal with the contribution of triple-A titles on smartphones alongside high-quality mobile releases.

When questioned about the possibility of Microsoft acquiring Capcom, in light of recent leaks, Tsujimoto expressed that he would “gracefully decline” any acquisition offer and believes it would be better if they were equal partners. He also emphasized Capcom's preference for organic growth rather than purchasing smaller studios and acquiring companies.

In a separate interview with Nikkei, Tsujimoto highlighted the issue of rising game development costs without a proportional increase in game prices. He stated that while development costs have increased significantly over the years, the selling prices of games have remained relatively stable, ranging from $50 to $70. Tsujimoto believes that game prices are too low considering the rising development costs and the need to raise wages in the industry. He suggested that raising unit prices would be a healthy option for the business.

Capcom has achieved success so far in the year with highly-rated releases such as the Resident Evil 4 remake and Street Fighter 6, both making it onto various “Best PC Games You Should be Playing” lists.

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