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Captain Contraption’s Chocolate Factory: Play the Upcoming 2024 Video Game for Free

If you're interested in playing an upcoming video game for free, then you're in luck. Saving money while enjoying our favorite hobbies is always a bonus, especially with the current financial crisis. And there's nothing better than trying out a game before deciding to purchase it.

In the past, we had the luxury of receiving free demo discs for older PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. However, demo discs have become a thing of the past. During the PS3 and Xbox 360 era, we had plenty of playable demos on digital storefronts. Unfortunately, the availability of demos has decreased in this generation.

Luckily, playable demos are still accessible on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, though they are still few and far between. However, PC gamers have a greater advantage with digital stores like Epic Games and Steam providing more options. In fact, Steam is the focus of our discussion today.

Pill Bug Interactive has released a demo for their indie simulation/puzzle game called Captain Contraption’s Chocolate Factory. This game is now available for free download on Steam. This game might give Willy Wonka a run for his money.

Captain Contraption’s Chocolate Factory is an open-ended puzzle game where players design and build their own machines to create chocolates by combining ingredients. The goal is to automate production using simple components to create ingenious contraptions that are both satisfying to watch and optimize.

As of now, Captain Contraption’s Chocolate Factory does not have a specific release date. However, according to its Steam page, it is expected to be released sometime in Q2 of 2024.