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Cave Digger 2 Expands to Non-VR Platforms, Introduces Crossplay Co-op

Cave Digger 2, the action and adventure game set in a unique blend of Western, Dieselpunk, and Lovecraftian themes, is set to expand its terrain beyond VR platforms. Starting November 15th, players on PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games, and the Humble store will be able to join in the mining party. Xbox and Nintendo users will have to wait until Q1 of next year for their invitations.

But before you dig into this immersive gaming experience, you'll get a chance to try it out first. As part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest from October 9th to 16th, a demo of Cave Digger 2 will be available. However, eager players can access the demo even earlier, starting October 1st.

In Cave Digger 2, players begin as prospectors armed only with a pickaxe and dreams of wealth. The game takes you through various environments, including mines, nautical caves, and ancient ruins, with a captivating story and multiple endings to discover.

What sets Cave Digger 2 apart is the evolution of your mining equipment. Starting with a humble pickaxe, you'll progress to using high-tech hammers, dynamites, and other gadgets that enhance your mining capabilities. Your gear choices will play a critical role in the success of your expeditions.

In addition to the mining gameplay, players can customize their avatars with a wide range of clothing options, from Dieselpunk to Western attire. This allows you to create a unique miner that suits your style.

Beyond the mining experience, Cave Digger 2 offers collectibles and lore to enrich the game's narrative. There's even a collectible comic book called “Clayton – The Greed” that adds layers to the story, making the game more than just swinging pickaxes. The multiple discoverable narratives provide different perspectives on the overarching tale.

Whether you prefer to team up with friends or go solo, Cave Digger 2 has you covered. With 1-4 player crossplay co-op support, you can enjoy the game privately or take your chances with public matchmaking.

In summary, the introduction of Cave Digger 2 to non-VR platforms promises to bring even more depth and dynamism to an already expansive game universe. So get ready, sharpen those pickaxes, and join the G-LYFE Nation in this thrilling mining adventure.

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