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Charles Martinet, the Original Voice of Mario, Transitions to Mario Ambassador Role

Nintendo recently announced that Charles Martinet, the original voice of Mario in Nintendo games, will be stepping back from recording character voices for Mario games. However, he will be assuming a brand-new role as the “Mario Ambassador.” In this role, Martinet will continue to travel the world and share the joy of Mario with fans everywhere.

Martinet has been the voice of Mario since the iconic Super Mario 64 game, bringing the beloved character to life for many years. Nintendo expressed their gratitude for Martinet's contributions and expressed their intention to celebrate him for his work. The company plans to release a special video message featuring Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, and Martinet himself.

This transition marks a significant change in Martinet's involvement in Mario games. While he will no longer provide the character's voice, he will continue to engage with fans and promote the Mario franchise globally. This move highlights Nintendo's recognition of Martinet's impact on the Mario series and his ability to connect with players of all ages.

As Mario Ambassador, Martinet will likely participate in events, conferences, and other promotional activities related to the Mario franchise. His charismatic portrayal of Mario has made him a beloved figure among gamers, and his new role will allow him to interact directly with fans and share his passion for the character.

Overall, Charles Martinet's transition from voicing Mario to becoming the Mario Ambassador signifies a new chapter in his career. With his infectious enthusiasm and dedication to the Mario franchise, fans can expect him to continue spreading the joy of Mario for years to come.

– Charles Martinet: The original voice actor for the character Mario in Nintendo games.
– Super Mario 64: A popular video game released by Nintendo in 1996, known for its innovative 3D gameplay and introduction of Mario's voice.
– Mario Ambassador: A brand-new role for Charles Martinet, involving traveling the world and promoting the Mario franchise.

– Nintendo (source article)