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Coda Payments and Mobily Partner to Offer Convenient Mobile Gaming Payment Option

Coda Payments, a global provider of cross-border monetization solutions for mobile gaming and digital services, has joined forces with Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) to introduce a new payment option for mobile gamers in Saudi Arabia. The partnership aims to provide Mobily customers with a more convenient way to purchase their favorite mobile gaming top-ups and vouchers using their mobile phone number.

Through this collaboration, Mobily users will have the option to pay for gaming top-ups and vouchers at Codashop, a leading destination for in-game content purchases, using their existing phone bill. This eliminates the need for additional payment methods or information, offering a seamless and secure payment experience.

Nizar Chehade, Regional Director at Coda Payments, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that it brings convenience to mobile gamers in Saudi Arabia. The goal is to reach Mobily's extensive community of over 10 million people across the Kingdom and provide them with various easy and secure payment options.

Thamer Albutairi, General Manager of Digital Services at Mobily, highlighted the value this partnership brings to customers and supports their ambition to become a major player in the gaming world. He mentioned how Mobily actively invests in gaming events, tournaments, and collaborations with popular gaming content creators to offer customers a comprehensive gaming experience.

Coda Payments, founded in 2011, brings over a decade of experience in monetization and content discovery to the gaming industry and beyond. Trusted by over 300 publishers globally, Coda aims to grow revenue, profit margins, and customer engagement by connecting publishers to millions of paying customers worldwide.

Mobily, launched commercially in May 2005, is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia. It provides integrated services for individuals, businesses, and carriers, boasting one of the largest wireless networks by coverage in the region and a wide FTTH network.

This partnership between Coda Payments and Mobily is set to enhance the gaming experience for Mobily customers in Saudi Arabia, offering a more convenient and secure payment solution for their mobile gaming needs.

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