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Collaboration between HYTE and MAINGEAR Introduces Powerful Gaming PCs for Small Spaces

HYTE, a lifestyle brand of iBUYPOWER that specializes in PC components and peripherals, has partnered with MAINGEAR, a renowned manufacturer of high-performance gaming PCs, to create a new line of space-saving gaming PCs. The collaboration introduces the MAINGEAR Revolt Series, which utilizes the popular HYTE Revolt 3 mini-ITX PC case as its housing.

The Revolt 3 case offers advanced features while maintaining a compact 18.4L vertical footprint, making it an ideal solution for users with limited desktop space. MAINGEAR takes advantage of this compact design to deliver a new standard for small-form-factor gaming PCs. The Revolt Series PCs are easily transportable, thanks to the integrated handle.

The Revolt series is available with a wide range of enthusiast-level components, offering outstanding performance. Users can choose from GPU options such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 or the top-tier GeForce RTX 4090, paired with 13th Gen Intel Core Processors. These carefully crafted builds provide efficient air cooling and are perfect for performance-oriented users seeking compact and sleek gaming PCs.

MAINGEAR CEO and co-founder, Wallace Santos, describes the Revolt series as a game-changer that offers gamers unparalleled power and portability. This collaboration showcases the expertise of both companies in creating esports-ready desktops that are both compact and powerful.

The new MAINGEAR Revolt Series is available starting at $1,499, while the HYTE Revolt 3 mini-ITX PC case is available for a starting MSRP of $129.

To learn more about the MAINGEAR Revolt series, visit: [source URL]

To learn more about the HYTE Revolt 3, visit: [source URL]

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