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Competitive Pokemon VGC Player Disqualified from 2023 World Championships

The 2023 Pokemon World Championships are currently taking place in Yokohama, Japan. Players have gathered to participate in various Pokemon games including Scarlet & Violet, the TCG, Pokemon Unite, and Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately, on Day 1 of the event, VGC player Brady Smith was disqualified from the World Championships. He was found to have modified Pokemon on his team, which he claims he thought were legitimate. Smith shared the news on Twitter, admitting that he obtained his team from a reputable trader.

The official rules strictly prohibit the use of external devices to modify Pokemon. Brady Smith's disqualification serves as a reminder for players to ensure the legitimacy of their Pokemon teams before entering a competition.

Smith expressed his thoughts on the situation, emphasizing the importance of using legitimate Pokemon. He also mentioned that it was unfortunate that the enforcement of these rules was not consistent throughout the season.

Brady Smith's tweet thread gained considerable attention, with over 300k views in just a few hours. Many people responded to his post, acknowledging the need for fair play and expressing sympathy for his disqualification.

As the event continues, keep an eye on our Pokemon section for more coverage and updates on the World Championships and other Pokemon games.