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Controversy Surrounds Frame Rate Lock in Forza Motorsport Multiplayer

Turn 10 Studios, the developers behind Forza Motorsport, have announced that the multiplayer mode of their upcoming racing simulator game will have locked frame rates. This decision has sparked controversy among players, with many expressing their disappointment and frustration.

In a recent blog post, Turn 10 Studios shared more details about Forza Motorsport and revealed that only single-player races on PC will have unlocked frame rates. In multiplayer, the frame rates will be locked at 60FPS to provide a consistent and competitive experience for all players, regardless of their hardware configurations. However, players will have the option to unlock the frame rates in the video options menu.

The rationale behind this frame rate lock is to create an even playing field for racers on different platforms, particularly those using the lower-tier Xbox Series S. The Series S is capable of running at a maximum of 60 FPS but at a lower resolution of 1080p. Therefore, players on higher-end gaming PCs or Series X consoles will only benefit from higher resolutions.

While Turn 10 Studios believes that the frame rate lock will ensure a fair multiplayer experience, some players are outraged by the decision. On the PC Gaming subreddit, users expressed their dissatisfaction, questioning the necessity of limiting frame rates and suggesting that the Series S may not consistently achieve 60 FPS.

Some gamers suspect that the frame rate lock is an attempt to compensate for potential issues with the physics engine of the ForzaTech game engine, which is used in the Forza series. There have been videos circulating online highlighting inconsistencies in the physics of Forza Horizon 5.

The frame rate lock in Forza Motorsport has drawn comparisons to the backlash faced by other titles like Redfall and Starfield, which also announced frame rate locks at 30 FPS. Many players argue that 60 FPS should be the minimum standard for shooters. Additionally, the absence of frame rate limits in racing games like Gran Turismo 7, which focus on competitive online races, challenges the necessity of such restrictions.

In addition to the frame rate lock controversy, players have also learned that Forza Motorsport will not feature split-screen multiplayer, AI racers, or a spectator mode upon its release. The studio cited implementation difficulties as the reason for these omissions.

Forza Motorsport is slated for release on October 10, 2023, on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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