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Cosmic Horror Gaming Lounge to Open in Former Church in Hamilton

James Botner, a Hamilton native, has plans to open the Cosmic Horror Gaming Lounge in early 2024 at the former Calvary Church located at the corner of North Seventh and High streets. The gaming lounge is named after H.P. Lovecraft, the father of modern horror literature.

Botner, a self-proclaimed gamer, wanted to create a space that catered to a variety of interests, including anime, manga, and Dungeons & Dragons. He chose the former church as the ideal location for its noir aesthetics and gothic aesthetic, which align with the 1920s theme he envisioned for the lounge.

The church was purchased for $110,000, and Botner plans to invest a significant amount of money into refurbishing the building. The main retail area will be located in the former worship space, while other areas such as private gaming spaces, a small movie theater, and Dungeons & Dragons gaming areas will be available to the public at a cost.

In addition to being a gaming business, the Cosmic Horror Gaming Lounge aims to become a community hub. Botner plans to partner with local businesses and organizations to create a space where students can study, engage in recreational activities, and access resources until their parents are available to pick them up. The lounge will also focus on charity work and supporting marginalized groups.

Parking may pose a challenge, but Botner is in discussions with neighboring establishments, such as the Masonic Lodge, to coordinate parking logistics.

For more information on the Cosmic Horror Gaming Lounge and updates on its remodeling progress, visit

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