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CS:GO Players Beg for Return of Half-Time Voice Chat in Counter-Strike 2

CS:GO is known for its toxic community, and despite efforts to combat verbal abuse in online gaming, players are now pleading with Valve to bring back a beloved feature. In a Reddit post, a user named MikeMikeGaming declared that the presence or absence of half-time and end-game voice chat in the highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 would “make or break” the game for them.

Valve removed the half-time and end-game chat from CS:GO in 2015, leaving players with only the text chat option to communicate with the enemy team. While the reason for this decision was not officially disclosed, players speculated that it was to address the rampant toxicity in the game. However, a significant portion of the player base still longs for the return of this feature.

The nostalgia surrounding half-time chat was reignited when a video emerged of a triggered player raging in German. Some players in the community attempted to guess what the player was saying, resulting in humorous misunderstandings. However, it was clear that the angry player's words were far from kind.

Despite players' pleas, Valve previously confirmed in a tweet that half-time and end-game chat will not be returning in Counter-Strike 2. This means players will have no choice but to vent their frustration through text chat.

CS:GO players are divided on the issue, with some welcoming the removal of voice chat due to the toxic behavior it often enables, while others argue that it added to the thrill and atmosphere of the game. As the release of Counter-Strike 2 approaches, it remains to be seen whether Valve will reconsider their decision and listen to the demands of the community.

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