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Cult of the Lamb Update 1.17 Introduces Don’t Starve Together Crossover

Massive Monster has recently released update 1.17 for Cult of the Lamb, which includes exciting crossover content from Don't Starve Together. This update brings a brand new Survival mode, a secret quest, and more!

One of the major additions in this update is the appearance of Webber, a character from Don't Starve Together. Players can obtain Webber as a follower by killing spiders at their base and burying the skull that spawns. Once Webber joins your cult, he will be accompanied by a trail of spidery friends. This new follower form also includes various sinister variants.

Unlocking Webber as a follower will grant access to the new Penitence mode and unlock new decorations for your cult. Speaking of decorations, this update introduces strange technologies from a mysterious land, including the Alchemy Engine, Deerclops Figure, Marble Tree, and more.

In the Penitence mode, players must manage their Lamb's hunger and sleep levels inspired by the survival mechanics of Don't Starve. If either bar becomes too low or empty, a mysterious timer will appear, and your Lamb will start taking damage when it counts down. Failing to rest and feed your Lamb will result in permanent game over. Players can choose to abandon a crusade early, but it will come at the cost of some gathered resources.

Additionally, this update brings new music tracks to Cult of the Lamb, courtesy of the audio director River Boy.

Bug fixes have also been implemented in this update, addressing issues such as player death after beating leader bosses, preventing further heavy attacks during interaction actions, and various mini bosses freezing mid fight.

With the release of this update, Cult of the Lamb continues to evolve, offering players new content and exciting crossovers with Don't Starve Together. Stay tuned for future patches and updates.