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Cyberpunk 2077 Launches Twitch Drop Campaign for Weapon Rewards

Cyberpunk 2077 fans have a lot to look forward to, with an upcoming DLC and 2.0 update on the horizon. In addition to these exciting updates, Code Projekt Red has launched a Twitch Drop campaign that allows players to claim free weapon rewards before starting the game.

The Twitch Drop campaign is a collaboration between Twitch and Cyberpunk 2077, offering players the chance to acquire exclusive weapons. The campaign runs from September 25th, 2023 to October 21st, 2023, just a few days before the highly anticipated Phantom Liberty DLC is released.

During this campaign, players can tune into their favorite Cyberpunk 2077 streamers who have Drops enabled to claim exciting prizes. In addition to weapons, players can also turn their character V into an NUS infiltrator. However, there are a few requirements that players need to fulfill in order to claim these Twitch drops.

First, players must link their account with their Twitch account to participate in the campaign. They can do this by following the on-screen instructions provided.

Once their accounts are linked, players can tune into any channel under the Cyberpunk 2077 category with Drops enabled. After unlocking a Twitch drop, they need to visit the official redeem page to claim it. The item can then be found in the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty library in their account.

It's important to note that players need to watch at least one hour of eligible Twitch content in order to be eligible for the drops.

There is also an additional opportunity for players to acquire the exclusive Yasha sniper through the Support a Streamer campaign. To qualify for this, players must purchase two Twitch subscriptions from partners and affiliates who are playing Cyberpunk 2077. In return, players will receive the Yasha sniper as a special reward.

With these Twitch Drops and the upcoming DLC, Cyberpunk 2077 players have plenty of reasons to be excited. So get ready to enhance your gaming experience with these exclusive weapon rewards.

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