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D-Tools Partners with Modus VR to Enhance Project Proposals with Virtual Reality Walk-Throughs

D-Tools, the leading provider of business management software for electronic systems contractors, has teamed up with Modus VR to offer integrators the opportunity to incorporate virtual reality (VR) walk-throughs of project designs in their D-Tools Cloud client proposals. This partnership allows dealers to provide immersive, 360-degree views of their designs, helping customers visualize the end result and enhancing collaboration between all project stakeholders.

With Modus VR's Modus360 software integrated into D-Tools' award-winning business management solution, dealers can now showcase device locations, furniture arrangements, and other design elements to clients. The addition of VR walk-throughs to D-Tools proposals provides a unique interactive component that can help integrators secure more contracts.

According to Tim Bigoness, CMO of D-Tools, one of the most exciting aspects of an integrator's role is helping customers envision how their homes will look when technology is integrated. Modus VR's software brings that immersive experience to D-Tools Cloud proposals, facilitating more engaging sales strategies.

To further promote the collaboration between D-Tools and Modus VR, the two companies will host joint webinars, participate in trade shows and conferences, and collaborate on sales and marketing efforts. This partnership aims to streamline the design and proposal process, ultimately improving project efficiency and client experiences within the CEDIA channel.

D-Tools will be showcasing their solutions, including the integration with Modus VR, at CEDIA Expo 2023. Industry professionals are encouraged to visit the D-Tools booth to learn more about their business management software and explore the potential of incorporating VR walk-throughs into client proposals.

– D-Tools website
– Modus VR website