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DATA.BET Launches Player Props for VALORANT: Revolutionizing Esports Betting

DATA.BET, a leading provider of esports betting data, has announced the introduction of Player Props for Riot Games' VALORANT. Following its successful implementation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive earlier this year, Player Props aims to redefine the landscape of esports wagering.

This innovative feature has already been embraced by DATA.BET's partners in the VALORANT sector. The introduction of Player Props allows bettors to go beyond traditional team-based bets and engage in personalized wagers on specific actions of individual players.

VALORANT enthusiasts now have the opportunity to place bets on metrics such as Total Kills and Total Deaths of a particular player by the end of each map, adding an exciting element to the betting experience.

The integration of Player Props for VALORANT brings numerous advantages for esports bettors and gambling operators alike. DATA.BET believes that this product will transform esports wagering into a more personalized endeavor, enabling fans to bet on the performances of their favorite players.

For operators, Player Props offers a way to attract and engage more esports enthusiasts. By incorporating this feature into their offerings, gambling companies provide players with diversified content and create more engaging marketing campaigns, setting themselves apart from their competitors.

In addition, DATA.BET emphasizes that Player Props presents an opportunity to enhance betting turnover. By introducing innovative features like this, the company demonstrates its commitment to innovation and personalized engagement in the esports betting sector.

This announcement follows DATA.BET's recent partnership with Bayes Esports, which provided the company with official CS:GO data, allowing it to enhance its services. The addition of CS:GO Player Props further expanded their product portfolio.

Overall, the launch of Player Props for VALORANT signifies DATA.BET's dedication to pushing the boundaries of esports betting and providing a unique and personalized experience for bettors and operators.

– Riot Games