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D&D Streamers High Rollers Collaborate with Baldur’s Gate 3 Voice Cast for Live-Play Session

Dungeons & Dragons streamers High Rollers have announced an exciting crossover with Baldur’s Gate 3 to bring the much-loved companions from the game to life in a live-play D&D session with the voice cast, streamed to Twitch this weekend.

The main companions’ voice actors will reprise their role for tabletop play in a collaboration between Larian Studios and High Rollers this Friday, September 22 (or Saturday morning for Australian viewers).

The voice cast includes Samantha Béart as Karlach, Devora Wilde as Lae’zel, Tim Downie as Gale, Theo Solomon as Wyll, Jennifer English as Shadowheart, Neil Newbon as Astarion, and Amelia Tyler as the narrator.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 session has been pre-recorded and will be DM’ed by High Rollers DM Mark Hulmes. The session will be available via the High Rollers Twitch channel this Friday, September 22, at 7PM BST. For Australian viewers, it will be available at 4AM AEST on Saturday, September 23.

If you can't watch it live, the session will be released on Apple Podcasts and Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Sources: High Rollers Twitch Channel

Image Credit: Larian Studios