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Delta Force: The Realistic Tactical Shooter Makes a Comeback

TiMi Studio Group has recently announced the return of the beloved first-person shooter franchise, Delta Force, with a new trailer. The realistic tactical shooter, known for its large-scale battles, will be making a comeback on both consoles and PC.

Delta Force was initially released in 1998 on PC and has since spawned sequels such as Delta Force 2 and Delta Force: Xtreme 2. While some may compare it to other popular first-person shooters like Call of Duty, Delta Force is more of a mil-sim (military simulation) game.

The recently released trailer is a short 30-second video, providing a glimpse of what seems to be “pre-alpha” gameplay footage. However, further details about the game are yet to be revealed. Fans can expect to learn more during the gamescom Opening Night Live event on August 22.

It's worth mentioning that the Battlefield franchise might face some competition if Delta Force follows a more arcade-style approach. However, until more information is available, it remains unclear which direction the revival of Delta Force will take.

Fans eagerly await additional details about the upcoming Delta Force game. As soon as more information is released, we will ensure our readers are updated.

– Tactical Shooter: A type of video game that focuses on realistic military combat tactics.
– Mil-sim: Abbreviation for military simulation, a genre of video games that aims to replicate authentic military experiences.

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