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Demeo: What’s Next for the VR Gaming Franchise?

Demeo, a popular VR gaming franchise, has achieved great success since its release in May 2021. Developed by Resolution Games, the game quickly became one of the top-rated premium games on Meta Quest. Over the past two years, Resolution Games has released four new adventures for Demeo, as well as a 2D version for PC and Playstation 5. They have also added new features such as the Heroes' Hangout and a Mixed Reality mode (Quest-exclusive).

However, since the release of Reign of Madness in December 2022, there have been no new adventures announced for Demeo. The planned PVP mode, originally scheduled for 2022, has been postponed to 2023 and will be released as a standalone title called Demeo Battles. The exact release date for Demeo Battles has not been announced yet.

Resolution Games stated in a Discord message that their main focus at the moment is on releasing Demeo Battles this year. They also mentioned continuing to work on hand tracking for Demeo on Quest devices and providing ongoing support for all platforms. However, they did not provide any information on whether there will be new adventures for Demeo in the near future.

The delay and the decision to create Demeo Battles as a standalone title indicate that Resolution Games sees potential in expanding the franchise. The studio wants to fully realize this potential without rushing the development process. It suggests that Resolution Games is dedicated to maintaining the quality of their games.

While waiting for new content, Demeo fans can still enjoy the existing adventures on various platforms, including Meta Quest, Playstation VR 2, Pico, and PC. There is hope that an improved mixed reality version of Demeo, possibly for Meta Quest 3, is in development.

As of now, there is no additional information available from Resolution Games regarding the future of Demeo. However, the game has a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting new adventures, and the success of the franchise is undeniable.