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Dendi’s Dota 2 Team B8 Faces Allegations of Match-Fixing

Danil “Dendi” Ishutin and his Dota 2 team B8 have been accused of match-fixing by former teammate Glib “Funn1k” Lipatnikov. Funn1k raised concerns about the team's finances and sustainability in a statement on Twitter. B8, as a Ukrainian organization, has been heavily impacted by the ongoing war and had to relocate operations in late 2022.

During Funn1k's time with B8, he posted a political message on a Dota 2 community forum and claims to have been contacted by B8's CEO and Dendi shortly after. They asked him to take down the post, which he did, but it left him with unanswered questions. When it came time to receive payment, Funn1k was told that his online comments were scaring away investors, and he couldn't be paid at that moment.

Funn1k started to suspect that B8, a Ukrainian organization on paper, might secretly be sponsored by a Russian organization due to the strange events that unfolded. He even went as far as suggesting that B8 could be involved in match-fixing, as he couldn't explain their poor performance in official matches. Despite performing well in ranked matches, Funn1k believed that Dendi and two other players, Denis “StoneBank” Korzh and Oleg “Lodine” Kvasha, underperformed in official matches with questionable excuses that felt “fake.”

Many Dota 2 fans dismissed Funn1k's allegations as a rant due to his history of making over-the-top claims. However, some fans raised concerns about topics that the community has been curious about for a long time. Since its formation in 2020, B8 has struggled in the Dota Pro Circuit, failing to qualify for major tournaments or achieve high-profile wins. It's unusual for a team of B8's caliber to remain together for more than two seasons without significant success.

In addition to their Dota 2 operations, B8 expanded into CS:GO in 2021. Speculation among fans suggests that B8 may have a private investor since they don't have official sponsors. This isn't the first time Funn1k has spoken negatively about B8 and his former teammates, as he previously criticized the organization for not paying Dota Pro Circuit players and considering them “low skill.”