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Destiny 2 Moving to a New Structure with Episodes Instead of Seasons

Destiny 2 is undergoing a major change in its content release structure. Instead of the usual four seasons per year, the game will now have three episodes, each spanning 18 weeks and consisting of three acts. The first set of episodes for 2024 will be called Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy.

The new episodes will bring in new story missions, quests, and gear, and will be more self-contained than the current seasons. Players will have the flexibility to jump into episodes in any order they prefer. However, it is not yet clear if the content from each episode will be wiped away at the end of the year like the current seasonal structure.

The shift in the content release structure comes after the conclusion of The Final Shape expansion, which wraps up the in-game events of the past decade. The first three episodes will deal with the fallout from this major showdown and serve as an epilogue for the Destiny universe. This transition also takes place amidst discussions about the health and sustainability of Destiny 2 as a live service game, with concerns raised about the Lightfall expansion and the game's microtransactions.

In a video released prior to the showcase, Game Director Joe Blackburn addressed some of the community's concerns and promised improvements, including a strike team dedicated to enhancing PvP. He also announced a free set of Eververse armor for Season 22. However, Blackburn clarified that the changes revealed in the 2023 showcase were not directly influenced by recent community backlashes.

The introduction of episodes could provide a better balance between the release of new content and the engagement of players. It remains to be seen how this new structure will shape the future of Destiny 2 and what it means for the game's evolving universe.

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