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Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Expansion: Changes and Upcoming Season

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has announced plans to introduce significant changes to player progression in its upcoming expansion, The Final Shape. In a recent “State of the Game” update, game director Joe Blackburn not only mentioned the team's efforts to address player feedback, but also teased the introduction of something completely different in Season 23.

The focus of this new content will be on expanding players' imaginations, bringing back the challenge to Destiny, enriching the game's content, and connecting players through their Guardians. The specifics of these changes have not been revealed yet, but all will be unveiled on August 22.

One noteworthy change is that the power cap will not be raised in Season 22. This decision has received positive feedback from players who appreciate the freedom to play at their own pace instead of feeling obligated to chase high-level rewards each week. However, activities that require high power levels will still exist, such as Master raids and dungeons, legendary and master nightfalls, Grandmasters, solo lost sectors, and Trials of Osiris. Artifact Power will also continue to play a vital role.

For players seeking even tougher challenges, Bungie has recently increased the difficulty of Grandmaster Nightfalls and intends to add more Battlegrounds and Grandmasters in the future.

While further details about these changes and their implementation across various modes like Nightfall, Gambit, and Crucible are available on the official blog post, fans can expect more information during the Showcase event on August 22.

In unrelated news, Bungie has recently won a lawsuit against a player who engaged in harmful behavior towards one of its employees. Additionally, the company has taken legal action against Destiny players involved in the sale of cheating devices and software.