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Details Revealed About Online Multiplayer in New Forza Motorsport

The new Forza Motorsport has unveiled more information about its online multiplayer mode. The Featured Multiplayer and Private Multiplayer modes will replace the hoppers and leagues from previous games in the series.

In Featured Multiplayer, players can participate in Spec Series and Open Series races. Spec Series offers competitive racing with tuned machines, while Open Series allows players to drive their customized cars as long as they meet specific restrictions. Cars can also be rented for events if players don't have the right one, although renting will not earn any XP, which is important in the game.

The races in Featured Multiplayer will rotate weekly and follow a race weekend format with open practice, qualifying, and the feature race. Qualifying determines the player's position on the grid. Interestingly, there are quality-of-life additions such as the ability to tune the car for lower fuel during qualifying, which improves performance, and the option to skip the warm-up lap and start timed laps immediately.

The penalty system in Forza Motorsport, known as Forza Racing Regulation (FRR), has been improved with machine learning. It can now identify over 5000 unique racing incidents, including track cutting, intentional collisions, and dirty driving. FRR will issue penalties and even disqualify players if necessary. The system can be further refined with machine learning in the future.

Each player will have a driver rating to indicate their skill level and a safety rating to reflect their sportsmanship. Matchmaking is based on skill level, ensuring players are matched with others of similar abilities. New players must compete in the Qualifier Series to determine their skill level.

Online races in the new Forza Motorsport will include tire and fuel strategy, requiring pit stops to change tires and refuel. Pit stops are not instanced, meaning players can see other cars entering and leaving the pit box. Private Multiplayer allows friends to customize their own lobby rules without affecting driver skill and safety ratings.

The game will also feature Rivals mode, where players can compete in time trials and attempt to beat the ghost laps of faster drivers. However, Spectator Mode, AI Drivers in Featured Multiplayer, and split-screen multiplayer will not be available at launch.

Forza Motorsport aims to provide a more realistic racing experience with these improvements to its multiplayer mode. The game will be released on October 10 for Xbox Series X|S and PC, with day-1 availability on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.