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Devolver Digital to Host “Devolver Delayed Showcase: 2023 to 2024 Edition”

Devolver Digital has announced that it will be hosting a special event called the “Devolver Delayed Showcase: 2023 to 2024 Edition” on August 7. The showcase will be a three-minute video that will be available to watch on YouTube.

The event aims to provide updates on the release dates of various highly anticipated games published by Devolver Digital. Gamers can expect to find out which of their favorite titles will be delayed and pushed back to next year.

The description of the event promises an opportunity to appreciate the art of video game delays and emphasizes the idea that the future of gaming is already here. This suggests that the showcase will offer insights into the exciting projects that Devolver Digital has in the pipeline for the coming years.

Fans of Devolver Digital and their published games can look forward to this showcase as it will provide them with important updates on the release schedule of their favorite titles. The event will give gamers a better understanding of what to expect and when they can anticipate playing these highly anticipated games.

Be sure to catch the “Devolver Delayed Showcase: 2023 to 2024 Edition” on August 7 at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET on YouTube, and keep an eye out for the exciting game announcements and release dates that Devolver Digital has in store for the future.