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Diablo 4 Update Patch 1.1.3 Notes to be Released Soon

The highly anticipated Diablo 4 update patch 1.1.3 is set to drop later today, according to global community development director Adam Fletcher. The patch notes will be released in the morning on the West Coast, which translates to late afternoon for European players. The full patch will be available next week.

Unfortunately, no specific details about the contents of patch 1.1.3 have been provided by Fletcher. However, a previous patch, 1.1.12, fixed a multiplayer XP exploit in Nightmare Dungeons. This fix effectively ended the exploit and made the gameplay fair for all players.

In addition to the patch update, Fletcher shared that a new ‘Campfire' stream from Blizzard will be coming soon. These livestreams provide an opportunity for Diablo 4 developers to address community concerns, answer questions, and offer insights into future content and updates for the game.

Blizzard has expressed its commitment to improving feedback and communication with the Diablo 4 player base. In a recent interview with general manager Rod Fergusson, it was emphasized that the company is actively working on better communication and managing player expectations. This includes providing regular updates and addressing community concerns promptly.

Furthermore, Blizzard has announced Diablo 4 Season 2, set to launch on October 17. The new season will feature five new endgame bosses, providing an exciting challenge for players. Additionally, the removal of the notorious XP grind tied to renown will be a welcome change for many Diablo 4 players.

In our exclusive interviews with Blizzard, Diablo 4 lead developers have discussed how the new seasons in the game will differ from those in Diablo 3 and Diablo 2 Resurrected. These insights provide players with a glimpse into the future of the game and its evolving gameplay mechanics.

– Adam Fletcher, Diablo 4 global community development director
– Rod Fergusson, general manager of Blizzard