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Did Madden 23 Fix Face of the Franchise?

In short – yes, Madden NFL 23‘s updates to Face of the Franchise mode fix some of the major issues that have plagued the single-player career experience for years. But a few lingering problems show EA still has work to do.

As an avid gamer and NFL fan, I‘ve spent countless hours enjoying the highs and enduring the lows of past Face of the Franchise modes. My hands-on time with Madden 23 shows the long-overdue upgrades successfully breathe new life into the stalled career mode. Let‘s dig in to see how.

What Got Fixed

Based on my experience analyzing stats and trends across the gaming world, here are the 3 biggest fixes in Madden 23‘s Face of the Franchise:

1. The College Years Are Finally Over

I don‘t know about you, but I found the multi-season college opener in older Madden games excruciatingly dull. Spending hours battling mediocre teams in half-empty stadiums was a major drag before the NFL action even began.

Thankfully, EA wisely ditched the college football purgatory. Now you choose a veteran player looking to cement their NFL legacy.

According to EA, this tested far better than slugging through NCAA purgatory:

"Veteran testing performed twice as high as college in appeal"

Jumping right to the pros lets you unlock awesome abilities and immediately change NFL franchises. No more wasting time against FCS cupcakes!

2. Next Gen Stats Add Realism

One of my favorite additions is the integration of Next Gen Stats on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. As a data nerd, seeing real world metrics like expected yards after catch, time to throw, and separation distance impact your on-field performance is fantastic.

When your receiver‘s separation inches down, you instantly feel the difference throwing into tighter coverage. According to EA‘s own docs, Next Gen Stats are a game changer:

"NGS data gives users contextual feedback to learn why things happen on the field and improve their game"

It mirrors real NFL gameplay and gives you insights that were never possible before. Huge win for realism.

3. Way More Positions to Choose

Playing quarterback every year grew painfully stale. This year finally adds choices like halfback, wide receiver, and cornerback. Testing out different playstyles adds replayability.

Expanding beyond QB was a clear goal for EA. Just look at this excerpt from their behind the scenes deep dive:

"Goal is to expand positions beyond just QB to allow users to experience NFL stardom through different positions"

As someone who‘s dumped hundreds of hours into various career modes over the years, I can definitively say this switch alone brings back the excitement.

What Still Needs Work

Of course, no game is perfect on its first try. Here are 3 lingering issues I‘m hopeful EA addresses in future updates:

1. Customization Needs More Depth

All my gamer friends love tailoring their character with unique gear, accessories, and end zone dances. Unfortunately, Face of the Franchise still feels limiting here.

You‘re stuck with pre-set body types and can‘t customize equipment. I‘d love to design my own flamboyant visor or pad combo to stand out!

There‘s also only a handful of touchdown celebration options. After grinding 50+ hour seasons, more ways to rub it in when I dominate would be amazing!

2. Occasional Difficulty Spikes

The majority of Face of the Franchise games feel perfectly balanced. But suddenly, you‘ll run into a matchup where even rookie quarterbacks turn into Tom Brady.

What‘s frustrating is this CPU boost feels completely random rather than based on real team talent. One week a bottom-tier defense locks you down, the next week they‘re helpless again.

I‘m hopeful future tuning irons out these jarring difficulty swings so every game feels natural.

3. Commentary Repetition

Don‘t get me wrong – Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis are great. But hearing them repeat the same lines over and over burns the jokes into your brain.

For example, Charles Davis must tell me that my player has "wheels" for speed approximately 8,372 times per season. After hundreds of hours playing Madden games, some dialogue variety would be much appreciated!

Key Takeaways

Stepping back, I‘m thrilled with the major strides EA took towards refreshing Face of the Franchise in Madden 23. As someone passionate about football and gaming, the improvements make scouting prospects and dominating the NFL endlessly enjoyable.

Of course, legacy issues still linger. But compared to past years treading water, Madden 23 kicks the once stale mode into a new gear.

If you‘re looking for a friendlier, more focused franchise experience beyond regular head to head matchups, Face of the Franchise finally lives up to its potential. I‘m excited to build my legacy over many seasons to come!

What about you? Are you enjoying the Face of the Franchise reboot? Or is more work needed to win you over? Let me know! I love connecting with fellow football fanatics.

Thanks for reading – now get out there and shatter NFL records in your own legendary career!