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Discover Classic Gems with PlayStation Plus Premium

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers have the rare opportunity to access classic PS1 games, a notable perk of the most expensive tier. Among these games is the beloved R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 by Namco, released in 1998.

Ridge Racer Type 4 takes players on a nostalgia-filled journey, providing a glimpse into a simpler time. As the fourth installment in the Ridge Racer series, players must navigate intricately designed tracks and strive for victory. With various modes such as the Grand Prix and time-attack, players can earn new cars and attempt to achieve high scores. While newer racing games may offer sleeker graphics and faster gameplay, Ridge Racer Type 4 possesses a unique charm that solidifies its position as a piece of gaming history.

If racing games don't pique your interest, the Premium classics catalog has more to offer. It includes Ape Escape 2, a platformer developed by Japan Studio for the PS2, and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, a third-person stealth-based shooter on the PSP. These games ensure that there is something for everyone, catering to various gaming preferences.

While the state of the PlayStation Plus vibe may be in disarray for some, the inclusion of classic games in the Premium tier adds value to the subscription. It allows gamers to revisit and experience iconic titles that defined past eras of gaming. Whether it's the nostalgia-inducing races of Ridge Racer Type 4 or the adventures offered by other classic titles, PlayStation Plus Premium promises a nostalgia-filled gaming experience.


– Ridge Racer Type 4: Namco, 1998
– Ape Escape 2: Japan Studio, 2002
– Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror: SCE Bend Studio, 2006