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Discovering Starfield: Unleashing the Cool Shit in Bethesda’s Space Adventure

Bethesda games are known for their explosive openings, but their latest venture into literal space with Starfield takes a more subdued approach. The opening hours of the game may seem uneventful, as players assume the role of a space miner, performing mundane tasks like exploring caves and fighting off space pirates. However, patience is rewarded as the narrative eventually takes a thrilling turn.

After completing the initial missions, players are given three more missions to choose from, including “Back to Vectera,” “The Empty Nest,” and “Into the Unknown.” Although they can be tackled in any order, it's recommended to prioritize “Into the Unknown” as it offers a glimpse into the true essence of Starfield. This quest involves investigating a gravitational anomaly on an uncharted exoplanet and acquiring space superpowers.

During the temple exploration, players solve an environmental puzzle and unlock the ability to create a localized low-gravity field. This power allows nearby enemies to levitate temporarily. From here, a series of quests unravel, leading players to discover more temples, acquire additional powers, and evade a clandestine group that opposes their journey.

Starfield's narrative undergoes a drastic shift from mundane space chores to an enthralling space opera, injecting intrigue into the main quest and showcasing the game's true potential. However, this aspect of the game is surprisingly buried, and players could easily overlook the opportunity to wield incredible abilities.

Unlike Skyrim, where the acquisition of superpowers was a focal point of the game's marketing, Starfield keeps this element hidden. Players can potentially miss out on the exhilaration of levitating enemies or conjuring fireballs unless they stumble upon “Into the Unknown” or receive guidance from others.

For those who love to explore Bethesda's open worlds and engage in side quests, it is essential not to overlook the main questline in Starfield. Embarking on the journey without unleashing the cool shit can lead to a missed opportunity and a considerable amount of gameplay without accessing the game's most exciting features.

In conclusion, while the opening hours of Starfield may seem unimpressive, prioritizing the right mission allows players to tap into the game's true potential, unearthing their space superpowers and transforming the narrative into an enthralling space opera.

– Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks