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Disguised Toast’s Valorant Team Makes Main Event Qualification

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast' Wang, a popular Twitch streamer and member of OfflineTV, celebrated a significant achievement as his Valorant Game Changers team qualified for a main North American tournament. Disguised Toast, after years of success on Twitch and YouTube, decided to expand into esports in 2022 and established the Disguised esports organization. While his previous teams in League of Legends and Valorant had seen limited success, his Valorant Game Changers team reached a major milestone on July 22 by qualifying for a main event.

During a live stream, Disguised Toast nervously watched his team play and struggled to contain his emotions during intense rounds. Eventually, the team managed to defeat Supernova Galaxy and secure their spot in the Main Event of the VCT NA Game Changers tournament, prompting Disguised Toast to express his relief and joy.

This achievement holds great significance for Disguised Toast, as it marks the first time any of his teams have reached this level in esports. Following the qualification, he humorously mentioned the financial implications, stating that he now had to spend $20,000 on a boot camp. However, he later mentioned that The Guard, an esports organization, had offered their gaming PC setups for the boot camp, reducing the cost.

The newly formed Valorant roster consists of well-known North American talent, including players like Katarina, Lazylion, and Hannah, along with promising young talents Unstable and Misu. Disguised GC is set to face XSET in the Upper Quarterfinals of the VCT NA Game Changers Main Event.

Fans can tune in to the match on July 26 to see if Disguised GC can continue their success and make further progress in the tournament, establishing more records for Disguised Toast as a Twitch streamer turned esports team owner.